This Week’s Dot Com Pho Location Revealed!

It’s time to move Dot Com Pho out of Richmond. This week, we’re not only changing the geographical location, but we’re changing the venue. We’re going to be heading to the Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver for some Dot Com Dim Sum.

We’ll be there at noon today and if you can make it, well, you’re going to have to direct Twitter Me to let me know so I can up our reservation count which is currently set at eight. Here are the location details…

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Since John Chow is making mischief at the Top Affiliate Challenge somewhere in Nebraska and Ed Lau is eating sushi in Japan, there is no reason for anyone to have to drag their asses out to Richmond this week. Besides, only those two live in Richmond so we might have to stage a coup and make them drive from now on. See you soon!