The Phall Season Premiere of Dot Com Pho

People have been getting lives lately. I’ve decided to go back to school and throw a few weights over my head. Leo has been obsessed with skin jobs. Ed has been trying to show Greg Morgan how to be a real boy by taking him on a date in the park. Our friend Michael “Kwanye” Kwan has been trying to associate freelancing with good driving habits, which isn’t such a good idea considering he crashed a segway which, according to an engineer, is impossible to do. I think iPhone Gary has an audio (the video part is fail) somewhere.

Finally, John Chow has been out feeding his ego at events where he is considered a celebrity. Hey, if people were willing to stroke me all day long and give me a MacBook Air, I’d go too. But then again, going to an event about blogging, to me, is like going to a convention about going to the bathroom. Everyone does it. Do you really need to setup an EXPO for it?

At any rate, today we got together for a Phall Premiere to the new Dot Com Pho Season. This week’s episode ends up being a “John Chow Pho – John Chow…and some other people too” edition because somebody forgot to bring their camera (*COUGH*…ED). I don’t *think* John tries to do that on purpose, but it’s even possible he doesn’t even know he’s promoting himself anymore. John talks a lot, then there is something about Twitter and iPhones, and then we hand out a bunch of limited edition Dot Com Pho Pens (comment here to get some) courtesy of Tej at 1234PENS…and you might catch the rest of us in there somewhere…briefly…of course.  Ray and Wolfgang were also here this week while Kwanye is stuck in Deadmonton and Leo doesn’t use twitter and I forgot to phone him…

I really wonder if that’s better than a 10 minute video with mainly walking and the sound of Ed’s voice in various monologues with rambling explanations of things. At least it “seems” like he tries to put some care into the “Never Ending Walking Sequences”. But then again, John did make an effort this week…by changing some of the WHITE FONT to a YELLOW FONT. Baby steps.