The Night Before COMPUTEX 2007...

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With the bang of a gong, literally, COMPUTEX has officially began!  Unfortunately, I'm not too keen on the gong thing.  I mean, isn't running a gong show a bad thing? Chalk that one up to cultural differences. After sitting through the launch event, we quickly rushed off to the Night Before COMPUTEX Party which is kind of like a Night Before CES Party, hosted by our friends from TweakTown.

 TweakTown Party at COMPUTEX

Last year, the event was really, pretty informal, but this year Cam kicked it up a notch and brought a bunch of sponsors in to make the event huge.

 TweakTown Party at COMPUTEX

Of course, John was there as usual. And as expected, there were shenanigans. John whined all night about not being able to get a Smirnoff Ice or a Pina Colada so he took his frustrations out on the help.  That manequin will never be the same again.

Johnny Hou from NZXT Me and Jess from OCZ Cam from TweakTown and the Host of this party!

In addition to meeting lots of new people, it was great to see some familiar faces like Johnny from NZXT and Jessica from OCZ there. Cam also steps in for a candid amidst his busy hosting duties.

 Taipei 101 at night!

I got in at a respectable hour because at a show like COMPUTEX where it is just party after party, you need to pace yourself so you can make it it to all of them.  Until the next post, I leave you with a shot of the tallest building in the world, the Taipei 101 as it looks fully lit up at night.  Stay tuned for more adventures!

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  • love the updates stephen, good to see you guys are having a great time!

  • Looks like a fun time indeed... I can't wait til CES 08! lol

    Keep the updates coming!

  • Leo

    Hey Stephen,

    Just got back from the London Drugs loss prevention seminar in Whistler and found out that LD President Wynn Powell is in Taipei for the Computex trade show too!

    • I ran into Wynn Powell at the Grand Hyatt along with the other members of the LD Computer Buying Team. Who's the really tall guy with dark hair? Theo? Cedric?

  • Have you been up in that yet? Can you?