The Last Isagenix Day - It's OVER!

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The journey began 11 days ago. I had a wardrobe to get back into, and having an extra few inches on the gut wasn't helping. I looked to Isagenix for the answer. I got the answer. Lots of really untasty stuff, but my willpower was stronger than the horrid taste of that vile goop that's supposed to be good for you. I'd say it is 3x as bad as Buckleys.

Well, after 11 days, I feel thinner, and the scale says I'm lighter. My skinny pants fit. That's a good sign. What I have learned is that in order for you to get something, you have to want it. And if you want it bad enough, you will get it. Some people just don't want it enough. The Isagenix program isn't for the weak willed and it's not a new quick fix miracle diet. It is as much about you as it is about the system they use to get you there.

It was tough to change the way I ate. I love food, and good food fulfills me. Bad food sometimes fulfills a need to have it, but that's not good food, and I pay for it the next day. It's like Foie Gras Vs. Fish and Chips. They both do it for me, but one "Does" me back!

Would I do this program again? Do I have a choice? Well, I do have a choice. I have a choice not to get fat again. I have a choice to eat more healthy, control my appetite, and say no when my stomach says no. My eyes would disagree, but I can always shut them.

My plan is to stay on their maintenance program. Subbing the shake in for breakfast, and a couple of good snacks a day while keeping my lunch and dinner reasonable. I'm going to pick a day in the week to go a little more nuts...not totally nuts. You can't go through life without having a little fun.

I will definitely be taking what I feed myself a lot more seriously. One thing that I know I don't do well is drink a lot of water. The program has allowed me to find a way to change this and I think I really have found a way to make sure my water intake is optimum. I also don't crave caffeine anymore, but I can at least be a social coffee drinker again, not needing the stuff to get me through the day. Nothing taller than a small from now on if I do, and make it an blend please...

I'm excited, but I'm not surprised. I worked hard, sticking to the plan, and I already feel my results. The quantity no longer matters. The proof is in the pants I'm wearing right now that I couldn't even pull over my ass only 11 days ago. Well, tomorrow is my big weigh in, so I better get some sleep. Goodnight!

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    I'm looking to try this cleansing program. I would only like to do it for 9 days, and i have been trying to read as much up on it as possible. I am an athlete at a college, and i am nowhere near being overweight. I'm wondering if this would be a positive affect towards my athletic career, or if i'd lose all my muscle. I gained around 8 pounds because of volleyball and just the change in my schedule in general, and I'd like to get back down to my high school weight. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. And i'm liking these stories and opinions on the product. It's helping make my decision easier!

  • I am going through my first cleanse. Is it tough. You freakin' betcha. My husband has made popcorn, etc on my hard core cleanse days.
    I will say that I DO feel so much better. My blood sugar is regulated all day by the 12 calorie snacks [choc!]. It is a way to re-do your thinking on food habits while having you cleanse, lose weight, feel so much better.
    Isagenix also mentions to do at least 20 minutes of exercise daily.
    My cousin, who has been doing Isagenix for 8 months, has lost big-time weight, as has her husband. They are on the maintenance program, they do go out every week on a date or to see friends and eat like pigs there. They even lost weight at Christmas! They cleansed right after. They are solid muscle and they don't work out a lot. My cousin can't due to a spinal injury.
    All I can say is that if I can lose the weight again twice as fast, feel better, not have so many frustrating plateaus, that is right-on for me!
    Good luck to all of you out there!

    • If only this guy cleansed while doing his Wii Weightloss plan. He'd be at least 10 lbs ahead of where he got.

  • Jen


    Thanks for putting up this Blog, I'm starting on Isagenix too, today is my first full cleanse, it's nice to know your survived.. 🙂

    Thanks again,

  • Hi everyone,

    It is interesting to read your comments and I agree with many of them. The idea of a cleanse such as this is to clean the toxins out of the body without stripping the body of nutrients. This cleanse floods the body with nutrients as it cleanses out the toxins so the body is totally supported. I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have never recommended anything to my clients before this. This has been an amazing gift to people. It helps people regulate their bodies and bring them back into balance. The benefits extend far beyond fat loss. The body is a miracle and it can heal itself but for many people it is too clogged to be able to do that. This helps it to free itself to be the miracle it is. It certainly is not a quick fix and is a lifestyle change. People cannot do a cleanse and then think that going back to eating what they used to eat will keep them at the same weight and at the same internal balance. In traditional personal training education, trainers are not educated on nutrition and toxins. Most people are under the assumption that 1-2 lbs a week is safe and that would be true normally but in this case the body isn't going into starvation mode. I do lectures on the benefits of a cleansing lifestyle, if anyone would like more information I would love to speak with you.

  • Everyone is looking for a diet coke...with their Double Quarter Pounder... The goal is to start. Many people never get there. Finishing is up to you: Fat, or not fat.

    I've never had to work this hard to lose weight. My body has changed over the last 5 - 10 years. But some of my eating habits had not. It was time to do the same and adapt my eating to my body. Some people are stubborn and don't like to change.

    Remember this?

    Evolution will kill off those that refuse to stop eating there every day. You've got a problem when people know your name in and out of that place and you're driving your kids to your same death.

    Consistency cannot apply to something that changes. Your body and your lifestyle changes. You must adapt. It would be more accurate to say that you adapted your eating to your changing lifestyle which now includes exercise. Otherwise, you could eat what you were eating when you were a teen at 150 lbs. We only wish!

  • I agree with Carl. Everyone is always looking for a quick fix so they can get a healthy body or ripped abs for the beach. Whatever happened to living a consistent lifestyle by exercising regularly and watching what you eat? Heck, when I lost 50 pounds of tard, I worked my ass off. Yours truly knew his limitations and most important of all I always kept the end goal in mind...and toward the long term uture.

    I don't strive to look like some anorexic model or steroid monkey. But when I took a detox program, it coincided with my consistent exercise regimen and diet.

    However, I still applaud you for the completing the detox program. I truely hope you don't fall off the wagon.

  • None taken. I want a six pack for Xmas. That's the next battle. Life is a bunch of little battles. This last one lasted 11 days. Keeps things interesting. Short attention span ya know.

  • I don't think you want it that bad. If you wanted it really bad, you would have done something more permanent than starving yourself for a week. I'm sure it was hard, but knowing it would all be over in 11 days is probably what kept you going. Now you can go back to your old habits, or maybe slightly better habits, and gain all the weight back. Or maybe even more than that, because you'll have far less lean mass to help burn calories, and your body may start storing fat more than ever now, because it will still be in starvation mode for the next while.

    I am sorry if it sounds like I am ripping on you, but I am not. It's the idea that I am ripping on. You bought into it, and you DID work VERY hard to finish the cleanse. You are skinnier than you were when you started, I'm sure. You'll have a nice before/after picture to show. But don't forget to post an after AFTER picture in a couple weeks.

    Now that you are cleansed and feel good about yourself, it might be the perfect opportunity to make that life-change that you really need to stay fit. If that's the case, then that is GREAT! Whatever it takes, right?

    Just don't count on 11 days of starvation to be the solution to everything, no matter what all those multi-level marketing sites tell you.

    I'm going through a similar thing, pushing myself to exercise every other day, then moving to every single day. It worked before, but I pushed myself too hard and crashed and have never been fit since. I am going to try to make it easier on myself this time, so it's something I can maintain for the rest of my life.

    Oops, looks like I took over your blog. Sorry!

    Again, sorry if it sounds like I am coming across too harsh. Don't take it personally. Take it for what it's worth, from a fellow fat guy who is struggling with his fitness as well, and love of good food.

    • Kerry

      I love when "self promoted weight loss experts" refer to a program they have never tried as "starvation" and offer projections of "muscle mass" deteriorations which they have no scientific basis of measuring, they have just read that rapid weight loss can be attributed to loss of lean muscle,and assume it to be so on this program.
      My husband and I just finished the 9day cleanse. we both felt great said several times durining the week said that we could not believe we were not more hungry. After accomplishing a regiminted program like this. You are not eager to take up old bad habits. Water is a priority. The almond componet of the program really showed me what it takes to staitiate the appetite and we both shook the Starbucks habit which will more than pay for the Isagenix products.
      I just can't imagine someone who googles a product name to click on a blog where someone is documenting their progress and satisfaction with a diet or health program and post a critical message.