The Elbow Room Cafe - Breakfast for Ladies Only...

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On the corner of Davie and Richards, near the trendy Yaletown area of Downtown Vancouver, there's a little breakfast joint hidden away amongst a million coffee shops and boutique stores. Stores that range from places that sell mens only skin care products, to places that only wash and blow dry your cutting. You'll also find tons of women wearing Lululemon and men that didn't get the memo about dudes being forbidden from wearing it (Hi Tyler!).

The Elbow Room Cafe is a well worn local eatery that specializes in breakfast all day and is home to clientelle ranging from your typical Yuppies to Movie Stars, and of course everyone in between. Strangely, it's the product of an insurance adjuster and an ex-teacher. However, no matter who you are, you are not exempt from their unique style of abuse. Everyone is greeted at the door as a couple of ladies, though I'm pretty sure they mean it more when they are talking about Ed Lau, connoisseur of such things as the said mens skin care products in the previous paragraph. Want coffee? Get it yourself. Need service? They'll be right with you...when they are done talking. If this offends you, Denny's is on the other side of Burrard. I guess after all those years of abuse in insurance and teaching, this is pay back.

After partially recovering from a coma induced by Cleaning and Jerking for four hours, the previous day, I was in need of sustanance and ordered up the comforts of something called "The New Yorker" which consisted of two large poached eggs served over a mixture of mushrooms, onion, tomato, bacon and pepperoni in a spicy tomato-BBQ sauce. All of this is tossed on top of a couple of toasted croissants, with a nice ladel of hollandaise sauce to finish it off. Not only is it messy and sloppy, but it's also a great cure for a hangover and wonderfully delicious in the most non-nutritious way.

Kelly had the "Hillary Swank" Omelet aka the "Don't Make Me Cry". I have no clue why but if you had to finish it, you'd cry because it's absolutely enormous. Made of cream cheese, avocado, sauteed spinach and tomato, it destroys anything health beneficial by being absolutely gargantuan. This is followed by a side of generously buttered toast. If you toss in a few chocolate chip pancakes and three fried egg sandwhiches and they could call this the "Michael Phelps Breakfast". There was enough stuff inside this one omelet to make two regular ones. Stingy on the service but not stingy on the food.

If you don't finish your dish, not only do you get called a lady again and verbally abused, but you'll also get charged a couple of extra dollars on your bill that goes directly to feeding the less fortunate that are afflicted with AIDS. Mean to you. Good to the people that need it.

If you're looking for someone to suck ass for a tip, then turn around and leave. This ain't no IHOP. But if you're looking for a place that's different, that has some great comfort food plus some very charismatic servers, and you don't mind getting your own coffee, then check out the Elbow Room Cafe next time you're in the Vancouver area.

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  • OMG, first day into my diet, and I am now salivating here. That 'New Yorker' looks too good! Still must try to be virtuous.

  • I may be making a vain boast here, but i think i could finish that, it looks that delicious 🙂

  • That's a very interesting place - "specializes in breakfast all day", and "charge you extra dollars if you don’t finish your dish"...

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  • bah! What is wrong with guys wearing Lululemon? lol

    Though the omelet that Kelly had sure looks good! I could use one now actually. Wonder if I could get out kitchen lady to make me one this morning here at work.

    • Nothing's wrong with guys wearing Lululemon. You see plenty of them on Davie street. We Dot Com Moguls don't discriminate.

      Ed Laus last blog post..Burgers in Tokyo

  • That omlette really looks good.

  • I wonder if the people that were customer serviced by me at London Drugs wondered if I was doing some sort of act rather than just being genuinely mean?

    I should go to this place and see if I can be a bigger douche as a customer than they can be as servers.

    The label clearly reads "for Men" by the way.

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  • RosieTulips

    I went there once, knowing what to expect, but I still didn't like it all that much.
    The waitress asked me if I needed a high chair :-p

  • ken

    throw up right on their floor and say
    hey lady you clean it up.
    its your food in your restuarante
    then go to denny's and get a sausage and cheese omelette.
    then go home and chase it all down with a gigantic
    IcY cOlD bEeR

  • I once went there. I didn't like the rudeness. I didn't consider it much of an entertainment value as much as I saw it as a shitty novelty to reduce costs and efforts while somehow making a name - a cheap and cheesy attempt at marketing if you may.

    Personally I like to be treated well and pay handsomely for a good plate of food.

  • I've heard about this place, but I've never been. Supposed to have some pretty good grub. I'd love to see an unsuspecting tourist get hit with the "bad" service at this place.

    Michael Kwans last blog post..What’s Up Wednesdays: Good Business (and Starbucks)