The DragonFly Lands at Futurelooks

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The WowWee Firefly buzzes in for a landing!

The WowWee FlyTech DragonFly made a landing at the Futurelooks Office today.  The DragonFly is the creation of Wow Wee, makers of the RoboRaptor and the RoboSapien and is the first flapping wing flying robot to hit the market. 

I originally saw this in action at CES 2007 where the WowWee folks were flying it around inside the Sands Expo, crashing it into the booths of other companies and annoying the crowds by buzzing them. I saw this thing smack hard into a lot of inanimate surfaces and it sure can take abuse. I've played with the little RC Helicopters, and if I flew them like they were flying the DragonFly, I'd have a pile of broken chopper parts.

I should get a chance to play with this when it gets nicer outside.  I'm definitely not flying this around in my house.  If you can't wait for the review, you can see a preview of its flying capabilities over at MegaTechNews. The WowWee FlyTech DragonFly should be available soon for around $40.00 US. Stay tuned!

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  • These things are a ton of fun! If you like it, check out the/my FlyTech DragonFly Fan-site


  • Leo

    oooh, looks fun! There's a huge park across the street from my place 😉

    • Can it hover? Try and record a video for your review!

      • Will definitely try...just for you! 😉

  • That seems to be a pretty attractive price and would be something I would consider for my kids (or myself). At $40 it isn't so bad if they do destroy it after repeatedly smashing it into the ground.

    • Yeah, I can't wait to get it outside! 😀

  • Seen a lot of them around here in Hong Kong lately. Pretty neat and affordable.