The Biggest Dot Com Pho To Date With a Side of Bic Promo Pens

This past weekend, we witnessed yet another milestone in Dot Com Pho history. Although the week before, we attracted over 16 people, this week, the total body count was 25! As a result, the whole center of Pho Lan in Richmond was overrun by local bloggers. Dot Com Pho regulars Ed Lau, Michael Kwan, Leo Chiang, and of course, John Chow, were all on the scene. Dot Com Pho part timers, Greg Morgan and Gary Ng were also in attendance.

Tejpal Singh of 1234Pens decided to shower us with pens from his new venture, BicPromoPens. Though over half of them didn’t work, you have to admit, it was a good marketing ploy because we talked about them a lot. I mean, no one talks about a pen that works anyway. Even though we had some pen malfunctions, I’ve never known Tejpal not to take care of his customers so I wouldn’t worry.

This was John’s last Dot Com Pho for a while as he fears for his life and takes off to Shanghai where Mr. Lan won’t find him. Apparently, when John told him that we’d have over 20 people this week, his staff needed to hold him back from strangling him. We’ll see him again when we have our Dot Com Pho: Taipei Edition, when Ed Lau, Michael Kwan and I arrive for the COMPUTEX Computer Show. I’m thinking it will probably be Taiwan Noodle rather than Pho.

This week’s Dot Com Pho will be brought to you by Ed Lau and me so who knows what the turn out will be. If you have any ideas or topics for this week’s Dot Com Pho Episode, please let me know and we’ll consider it for our “Wicked Awesome John Chow Free” edition. Who knows, we might even give Leo Chiang a speaking part. Just make sure you let me or Ed know that you are coming and we’ll reserve a spot for you. See you on Saturday!