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The Reason Why We Had No Pho in Taipei...

We had Taiwan beef noodles, hot pot, heck, we even had EPIC curry. But unfortunately, our plans for Dot Com Pho went to the dumps as we had to eat out of modern toilets for our weekly meet up. We never had one string of Vietnames Noodle in Taipei, which we affectionately know as "Pho". Well, there was a reason for that.

Now John Chow says that we were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. But that's not the real story. The real story is that when they saw the Root of All Evil coming their way, every Pho restaurant decided to close shop. They didn't run away when Ed, Michael and me stopped by.

Because John got the boot, that meant that we got the boot by association. Man, we can't take this guy anywhere! There must be like this super "Pho Network" that notifies other restaurants of the presence of Evil.

I guess the key to getting Pho in Taiwan next year is simple: Leave John happily in his room, complaining about the weather while the rest of us head to Pho! 😆

Dot Com Pho - Massive DUMP Edition

During my trip to Taipei, the Dot Com Pho Crew hit many odd and wonderful eateries. Unfortunately, John Chow wasn't part of most of those because he wanted to stay indoors and not go anywhere in the hot humid heat...which pretty much means...he never left. Now we thought that our usual digs of Pho Lan had a dirty disposition, but at least they try to hide it in the "Reserve Pho" bins out back. Here in Taipei, when you're eating out of a toilet, they proudly turn it into a restaurant known as the "Modern Toilet".

Originally a Japanese concept because that's where all the weird shit comes from, Modern Toilet is an eatery that celebrates your time on the throne. Even John Chow wanted to come because inside, he's some sort of deranged phecalpheliac in need of Prozac. As a result, this was our first Dot Com Pho Crew reunion with your favourites like Michael Kwan, Ed Lau and of course, yours truly. According to Michael Kwan, Real Dot Com Moguls eat out of toilets, and after this experience, I would have to say as the Danish do: Kerrect!

That was probably one of the most tasty meals that I've ever had on a toilet. I know that some of you work on the toilet or read on the toilet, but have you ever eaten out of a toilet? I can finally add that one to my bucket list 😀

Just FYI, Dot Com Pho: Richmond Pho Lan Edition is back again this week. We'll all be there at 12:30 today to reunite with the rest of the crew after a long two week absence. If you want to come along, let one of us know so we can save you a seat...or Mr. Lan will kill you...no kidding around :O

COMPUTEX 2008 Booth Babes Anyone?

Futurelooks Brings the COMPUTEX 2008 Booth Babe Love!

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