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MEGATechNews - Time To Kick It Into Top Gear!

WAY back in 2007, I was really bored one day. So in a coffee shop, I registered a domain name, created a really horrible looking header image, and MEGATechNews was born! MEGATechNews was: A site created in about 20 minutes that had no real direction. But it's 2011 now and things are about to change.

I always thought that MEGATechNews had the potential to be a great little spot for quality bite sized chunks of tech news on a variety of topics, from computers to consumer electronics to weird tech that captures the imagination. While the site has been really good at being a repository of news posts for all the great sites that link back to the content produced at Futurelooks, it wasn't until I decided to post a story about a "finger mouse" from COMPUTEX 2007 that it dawned on me that one day, MEGATechNews could be as great, if not greater, than Futurelooks. That story was actually DUGG to the front page on DIGG. However, being one man with all my time devoted to Futurelooks made it impossible for me to create the quality of content I wanted to maintain at MEGATechNews. Then at CES 2011 this year, things started looking up for the future of the site.

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