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Drunken Pipi Shrimp With Table Side Service in Mexico

During my recent trip to Mexico, I made a stop in the uber touristy area of Playa Del Carmen where we were lured into a restaurant with the promise of two for one beers. The beers were reasonably cheap (20 pesos a bottle so about 2 bucks) but the food really wasn't that cheap at all. However, one of the dishes did come with a little bit of a show.

Kelly ordered the pipi (sp?) shrimp (which look like prawns to me). At 190 pesos, it was certainly on the pricey side, but it did come with table side service. At least I got a video to post out of it.

The video was shot on a Flip Mino HD and edited in iMovie 08 on my MacBook Pro. It stayed at home while I enjoyed a fully unplugged week.


There are far cheaper places to eat in Playa Del Carmen if you just go for a short walk, but everyone was hungry at the time. The restaurant got us again when Kelly's brother, Shaun, ordered a "Happy Song" from the Mariachi band, not knowing that they don't sing for free. It was rather funny watching the band give him the glare as he handed them a whole dollar...and then quickly tried to rummage for another one. He's not the cheap chicken wing guy for nothing.

Hola and Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, 2009 is finally here and so far so good. Despite some crazy snowfall action, the New Year was rung in quietly with vodka, a ton of food, and some time in front of the very rarely played Nintendo Wii. Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to updating this blog.

As you know, I skipped town and headed down to Mexico before the first major snowfall in the Lower Mainland. However, I did run into the crazy blizzard white out action while driving down to SeaTac. Nearly an hour after I got into the airport, they shut the place down. This led to some serious fail by a prominent coffee shop and a seemingly winter ready airline.

While in Mexico, I had a chance to sample some interesting cuisine including a chance to drink straight from a coconut. Check out the video...

More videos and pictures are on the way. After being to Mexico, I've learned to take my sweet time and spend as much time away from the computer as possible so bear with me 😉

I Made It To SeaTac Airport in a Frickin' Blizzard

I'll let the video do the talking...

The video was done using the built in FlipShare video app on the Flip Mino HD which I will be thoroughly thrashing in Mexico. The software isn't bad and allows you to do quicky and dirty edits and uploads. However, it lacks a lot of basic things, including a way to reduce the size of the font.

Hopefully if this Interweb connection stays stable, I can continue blogging from the airport till my flight leaves. The conditions are still pretty bad right now and I know that a lot of planes have been diverted to Spokane due to the weather. The planes are just sitting on the tarmac, waiting to take off to SeaTac and some of the planes can't land, so they are just circling the runway. The passengers are just sitting in the planes waiting. That's gotta suck. 

Hopefully my flight is able to land (currently ON-TIME) and we can take off as soon as possible. In case I do end up becoming "Interweb Impaired", I'd like to wish you all a Happy Holiday...in advance 😉