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Three More Useful Scooter Accessories

My first Yamaha C3 Scooter modifications addressed some basic comfort and styling issues that were nagging me. Sticking to the non-warranty voiding modifications that don't allow me to personally crack open the engine, I've done a few more small mods that offer some utility, safety, and fun.

This One's For Kwanye The Segway Crasher

If Danger Prone Kwanye bites it today at Dot Com Scooter Gang like the poor guy did at Dot Com Segway, we'll be well prepared. Because of the cavernous storage compartment in my Yamaha C3 Scooter, I can fit a whole ton of things in here. One of those things is this first aid kit that I picked up at MEC for $14.50. This kit gives you all the basics including rubber gloves so you can tend to your own wounds or the wounds of your wiped out comrades without catching cooties. The kit is small, flat, and waterproof so you don't end up applying soggy bandages. Even if you don't plan on spilling, you never know when someone else will.

The Dot Com Scooter Cam

There is no better way to capture the action than with a video camera. However, video cameras and digital cameras in general are expensive and running over them with a Segway or a Scooter isn't a great way to take care of them. That's why having a cheap and useful video camera in your reportoire like the Flip Mino is great for those times when you know (or don't know) how much carnage may happen on a machine that is built to be crash proof. But how are you going to mount it so that someone can't blame it for causing the Segway to crash? How about an UltraPod Mini!

Unlike the poor Manfrotto ModoPocket Mini Tripod that got bent in the Great Segway Crash of 2008, the Ultrapod Mini tripod features a pivoting head and legs that are folded down the center at 90 degrees for stiffness. They fold apart like a fan when in use, and fold together when you need to store it. The best features of this tripod is the attached velcro strap that not only helps the Ultrapod stay together for storage, but also allows you to secure it to a pole, structure, or in this case, the handlebars of my Yamaha C3 Scooter.

The mounting is very secure and you can tighten it quite snuggly with the velcro around the bars. Since the head mounts on a ball socket, I can pretty much move it wherever I want. It got this at MEC as well for $13.50. Not bad at all.

I Need NOS! Two Bottles!

How about one bottle and a straw?

One of the things that many scooters lack is a place to put a beverage. This handy beverage holder, originally made for things like JetSkis and other watercraft , is perfect for the less choppy waters of a scooter. Using a pair of suction cups, this thing sticks to any flat clean surface on your scooter. I chose to mount it down low to keep the center of gravity intact, but you can mount it up higher if you wish. It's excellent for mounting a bottle of NOS (or two if you buy a second one for the other side) to help you race for those pink slips...NOT!

Stay tuned for the Dot Com Scooter Gang Video later today! Hopefully a camera survives to tell the tale.

My First Yamaha C3 Scooter Mods

It's been about three weeks since I got my Scooter and I'm truly loving the freedom from the pump. I've only filled up two times so far, and both times, I've been able to fill up with change in my pocket. The first fill of $5.14 did me for around 170KM's and I'm sure that mileage will pick up as the engine breaks in more. I'm also in a neighborhood with a lot of hills (it's like a bowl) so I'm sure that has the potential to hurt my maximum gas mileage which most people are reporting that it's around the range of 200KM's per fill up.

Since I'm not one to leave well enough alone, I had to do a few mods to my scoot to make it more unique and custom to my needs. While my scooter is still under warranty, I've decided to just do mods that increase my comfort on the bike.

Get a Grip

The first thing that I tossed immediately were the grips. The stock Yamaha grips were hard and uncomfortable. I swapped them out for some Scott SX Motocross grips that have a diamond pattern and are quite grippy for those times when I'm stuck in the rain...like at Pink Pearl Dot Com Dim Sum. I had some problems getting the left grip off because Yamaha superglues it to the bar so I had to cut it off with a box cutter. The right grip was also a nuisance because the throttle is fluted so when I slip the grip on, it was a little bumpy. Its since settled down so no problem. Good upgrade.

A Scooter that Battles...

My next upgrades came from an online store called Battlescooter. I shopped all around and not only did they have a really good selection of parts, but they were very reasonable. They also shipped USPS so I wouldn't get dinged those ridiculous courier customs charges. I categorically refuse to shop at any US retailer that ships via UPS or FedEX. Theses guys also shipped FAST! Like literally, from the time that I placed the order, the stuff was on its way the next day. I watched the tracking info they gave me as my package came up to the border...and then was held by Canada Customs for nearly a week. Stupid.

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