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Video - Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa Room Tour

This past week Ford Canada asked me to join them on a drive of the new Ford Fusion. Along for the ride was Michael Kwan who joined me in experiencing the vehicle for MEGATechNews. We'll have a video of our very brief impressions of the vehicle in a "Vlog Style" very soon.

We drove the Ford Fusion up to Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada where Ford Canada put us up at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa. Here's a look at the hotel room I was staying in. I'm sure Michael will have his tour video up soon as well.

Source: StephenFungDotNet YouTube Channel

Video - Lexi Races at the 2016 PoCo Grand Prix - Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

It seems like only yesterday that Lexi was doing my emails and paperwork. And then she graduated to doing unboxing videos. Now she's racing in bike races!

The 2016 Poco Grand Prix is Port Coquitlam, BC Canada's first large scale criterium style road race run in the downtown core, around a fast paced 1.3 KM loop. The event attracted elite racers and over 5000 spectators this past July 16, 2016. However, one of the biggest highlights is the Norco Kids Race which attracted over 191 junior racers.

After only getting her training wheels off just a couple months ago, Lexi is now a Poco Grand Prix veteran with an entire 1.3 KM lap under her 5 year old belt. She did very well inching out many kids older than her in her 5 - 9 year old race.

Luckily, everyone's a winner at the Poco Grand Prix kids race. Everyone gets a medal and everyone gets a snack. But the highlight of the race was strapping a GoPro to her bike giving you a "Lexi-Cam" view of the tight and challenging Poco Grand Prix race course. Albeit a little slower than the pros.

The 2016 Poco Grand Prix kids race brought with it is own brand of excitement including some close calls and a collision with a cameraman. And you get to witness it all thanks to Lexi's riding and camera skills as you can see in the video above.

Source: StephenFungDotNet YouTube Channel