Sweden vs Finland - Photos From The Women's 2010 Olympics Bronze Medal Hockey Game

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Today, I had a chance to check out my first real Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics event. Kelly picked up tickets for the Women's Bronze Medal Hockey game featuring Sweden vs. Finland. We had decent seats about 17 rows behind the net and had a great time watching the "Battle of the Blondes" and indeed it was a battle. I've never seen such a scrappy hockey game. Girls were sitting on each other, punching each other and generally doing quite un-ladylike things. Rock on!

Previously, I've only been able to get tickets to a couple of victory ceremonies. The first ceremony was definitely the best as history was made when Alexandre Bilodeau was awarded the first Gold Medal won on home soil for Canada. The second was for snowboarding as Australia's Torah Bright took home gold.

Camped out with my 80 - 200 f/2.8 Nikon lens, I managed to squeeze off a few shots...

Before the game began, we had some guy banging on his drum to get the crowd psyched for the game ahead.

The seats were decent so I had some really good opportunities for great shots behind the net and in front of the net.

I also got to catch some pretty good shots of the goalies from Finland and Sweden scrambling for those big saves.

And of course, occasionally, the goalies don't get a couple and then there's a celebration.

Just because they're women, doesn't mean they can't play rough either!

I found out later that the Madame President of Finland, Tarja Halonen, was sitting in the box behind me the whole time. She was really getting into the game.

Finally, Finland won the day and their very first hockey medal of the Olympics. Both teams played exceptionally well though and I don't think anyone in the audience walked away disappointed. The girls hit hard, scrapped a lot, and played with skill.

If you like looking at Scandinavian blondes, do check out the gallery after the jump. I've got 81 pictures that I'm sure you'll enjoy 🙂

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  • I love the photos you took

    nikon ftw
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  • Wow, you had some really good seats. I caught the game on TV. Also good seats. 😛 Thanks for sharing the photos.

  • Wow, not often that we see a president show up a game. And seems like she's really into the spirit of things too. 🙂
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  • Sweet blog and love the photos
    .-= Sally Grant´s last blog ..Government Aids Is One Source For Single Mothers =-.

  • Hi James,

    Been pretty busy with Futurelooks these days. Tons of brand new content and videos over there.

    I'll probably come back here when things settle down. If they ever settle down. Little one on the way so maybe that will give me something new to blog about 🙂
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  • Hey Stephen,

    Been loving your blog - especially food posts. Just wondering when you'll post again. (I know - off topic for this post).

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  • Great photos taken, some of these women look real tough, I wouldn't want to tangle with them, hehe.

  • Yes. Those women really liked to scrap.

  • Thx. I try.

  • Nikon D200 DSLR with a Nikon 80 - 200 f/2.8 lens.

  • What camera was used to take those photos?:) I've been meaning to buy a new camera lately since I saved up some money.

    Till then,


    • I too would like to know what camera you use when taking these photos.
      I use a nikon d3000 but the pics i take look no where close as to the shots you take.

  • Nice pictures! Great job with the photo taking 🙂

  • You took some fantastic photos Stephen! I especially like the shots where the women are brawling! Fun stuff to me! 😀
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  • I wish I had the chance to attend, some great photos Stephen. Thanks so much for sharing.

    - T. Rob

  • Those are some really good shots. Looks like quite an action packed game as usual, hope you enjoyed yourself. 🙂

    Till then,


  • Hi Stephen,

    Great coverage of this remarkable win for the Finns. I enjoyed the photos, and am watching the tv coverage in California.

    Canada has provided a wonderful Olympics, even though complaints occur, overall it has been fun to watch.

    I hope to visit Vancouver one day, when finances support.


    Nicholas Chase - Producer / Director / Engineer / Blogger

  • That "some guy" is actually Crazy P - you can usually find him with the same drum trying to rev up the crowd during BC Lions games. I guess he got a gig with VANOC to rev up the crowd for the Women's hockey (haven't seen him at the Men's games).