Stephen Fung vs. Beth's Southwestern Exposure 12 Egg Omelet!

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That pretty much described my crazy foodie challenges while I enjoyed my time down in California and the Bay Area. The first challenge which was San Francisco's Pho Garden's Pho Challenge, a massive bowl of Pho consisting of 2 lbs of meat and 2 lbs of noodles, left me demoralized and quite full for most of the day. However, I fought back and put a big dent into that massive Pho, but it wasn't enough to clean the bowl (video coming soon).

The very next day, after somehow being able to digest that huge Pho, I went to Iguanas Tacqueria in San Jose where I attempted my challenge against the infamous Burritozilla. It's a challenge so horrible that Adam Richman walked away from it during his San Jose visit and had World Competitive Eating Champion, and San Jose native, Joey Chestnut take it on instead. I again tried and failed. Sigh.

Some say that that the third time is a charm. Of course, others say that three strikes and you're out or that terrible things come in threes. Well, I decided to try one last time in Seattle by taking on Beth's Southwestern Exposure 12 Egg Omelet!

Located in Seattle, Washington, Beth's Cafe has been serving the area for 55 glorious glutinous years! The portions are big, the place has character, and the customer submitted artwork is interesting. However, I had no time to draw a pretty picture and instead got down to the ugly task of taking down this same challenge that downed our Man vs. Food Hero, Adam Richman.

Do I triumph? Or do I crash and burn for a three straight consecutive loss? Check out the video!

After two failed attempts on two of the planets most infamous and challenging monster food challenges, Beth's Southwestern Exposure 12 Egg Omelet fell and I can finally say that in the battle of Stephen vs. Food, Stephen WON! 🙂

If you want to see the challenge that inspired my latest win, the Pho Garden's Pho Challenge, stay tuned as I'll be putting that up over the weekend.

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  • You can add the veggies into the egg whites and then pour them into a greased skillet or you can saute the veggies in the pan and then just pour the egg in over the veggies...

  • Gabe

    Hey Stephen! Well, it's good to see you're finally off of that Chinese stuff and talking about something that's important! Until they can make pet foods that don't kill your dogs and cats, and a decent clothespin,they're not going tp be a player. Not around here anyway! More and more I'm reading the labels on things that I'm buying at the store and putting back those made in China! Be careful of eating that many eggs at one time as they're inclined to produce a whole lot of extra gas in your stomach! Rolaids doesn't do a thing for it! You might try Gasex or just shy away from mixed company! Cheers! Gabe

  • That 12-egg omelette doesn't look too bad. The one pound of hash browns might be a bit much, but I'd be down for trying to eat the big omelette.
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  • In the battle between Stephen vs. Food...Stephen won!

    There's something wrong with you...
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