Spring Cleaning

After a year, the office needed a serious cleaning so I went to work choking on dust bunnies and finding places for everything. It really has been a full year since I had really done a good reorganization and after digging for parts for my HackPro Tower, it was clear that something needed to be done immediately. As you can see, things had gotten quite unruly. I really didn’t like working in there with the place in that sort of condition and had been opting to hang out on the couch with laptop.

As you can see, a clean office is a happy office. Since cleaning everything out, I’ve been automatically gravitating back towards working out of there. Along with my new HackPro, I’ve not only been having fun listening to musc and manipulating photos and graphics, but I’ve also been working on my “serious” spreadsheets…when Office isn’t crashing. Thank goodness for auto save every minute.