Sometime This Month Random Speed Linkage

If I’m releasing this post, then it looks like I’ve come across enough interesting things to set it free. Here are five random links that I’ve come across that have intrigued me enough to mention them. Enjoy!

Mr. K-Rad (aka Carl) has posted about the cultural divide between the mainland chinese and their more civilized counterparts in Hong Kong. If severely bad hygiene and table manners offend you, you may not want to check out this post. This is one of those times that my people embarrass me. The other times they just drive slow in the fast lane and can’t make up their mind which way to turn.

Speaking of my people, Michael Kwan takes on the subject of Greasy Chinese Food. In particular, he covers the westernized versions of Chinese cuisine that are just as bad, if not worse, than the regular fast food offenders. However, I doubt its as bad for you as The Hulk Burger. This is a distinction that the CBC report he cites fails to distinguish. I will vouch for the fact that westernized Chinese cuisine is pretty bad. In my other life, I used to cook in my family’s Canadian Chinese Cuisine restaurant and I know first hand how it all goes together. Funny thing is when I quit working and eating there regularly, my Physics and Math marks slipped. Must have been that MSG? Hmm…

Ed Lau gives us five of his benefits of blogging. It’s definitely worth a read. Ed actually spends quite a bit of time updating his blog and is quite dilligent. This is totally opposite behaviour from his day job where he is lazy as a Panda Bear that suffers from brain damage inflicted from a rock fight with the Root of All Evil.

Mr. Gary Lee goes into how blogs may take time, but they also how blogging can save you time. The email one is probably one of my favourites because it doesn’t just apply to business. If someone I know wants to know what’s going on with my life in general, they can always come here and look instead of having a back and forth email conversation. If they need a response, they can always leave a comment because they know I’ll see it. If they don’t want to comment, but don’t know my email address, they can always use the contact form.

Finally, Tyler Cruz stops doing his epic whole front page long updates and makes his entries more edible by making them more frequent and shorter. I’m sorry Tyler, but I used to fall asleep halfway through them. My attention span just isn’t that long. His latest post on how much he hates deal or no deal pretty much mirrors a lot of my feelings. Stupid people doing no work getting given money or stupid people turning down an obviously large amount of money in the hopes that they’ll get more money. If the bank offers you $300K take it! You can turn that into a million by being smart. That’s why you’re dumb and you’ll end up with the case containing $10!

I’ll have five more whenever I have five more. Enjoy! 😀