Six Month Old Lexi Fung Shows You She's a Hard Worker!

It's very important to install a strong work ethic into your kids at an early age. Otherwise they'll follow you from house to house (even if you try to lose them in the move), cling to you by tagging along for dim sum every day, and rack up your credit cards with an excuse like "I was just trying to earn Air Miles for you". What a nightmare! How can this possibly happen?

Unfortunately, we all know this does happen because there's at least one person in every group of friends that sets the bad example. That's why my little Lexi Fung wakes up with Daddy every day and heads to the office to work. In fact, she's the one that kicks Daddy till he wakes up. See, she's already taking charge! And as you can see in the video, she's quite good at scheduling her day out and getting things done!

I'm hoping that if I teach her right, one day, she'll be out of my house by 18, become an accomplished Olympic Athlete, and be wealthy enough to be a Dragoness on Dragon's Den. I set the bar high for my little one :)

  • p90x

    I am looking forward to that one too.

    - Robert

  • Albert Rox

    Very cue!!

    When you'll start to teach her how to blog? :D
    I believe that you're a great daddy.

  • p90x

    Can't wait until you come back to blogging Stephen. I am sure a lot of people will be happy when you do. Keep up the great work.

    - Robert

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    Can you please update your blog much thanks, I want to see the recent updates about Lexi Fung.

  • Michael Kwan

    Where is the one year update of her playing Angry Birds on the Eee Pad?

  • p90x

    She is adorable. I am sure she will be a hard worker once she is older.

    - Robert

  • Amanda

    That baby is just so adorable....

  • flash game

    hey it's great watching little kid playing with keyboard.

  • SIP trunking

    Amazing kid! I wish my kids will be like you... But they love running and just doing all the nasty things... :) but I love them all.

  • Adventure tours

    Baby doing better than some other people who have not even touch the keyboard... Long way to go baby, one day you'll be a good computer operator... Hehehe

  • Paul Danson

    I am sure the little bundle of joy is going to be star of the net

  • Vlad

    Only 6 months and already tries to type.

  • betshopboy

    I love the way she performed "reliability" & "endurance" tests on the keyboard - punch punch and "drop" test. Way to go!

    Can't wait to see her conduct "drool" test on those Motherboards! Get some!

  • Ray Ebersole

    You have Child Labor laws in Canada? First Sally Chow, now Lexi Fung.... LOL

  • Michael Kwan

    She'll be reviewing motherboards for you in no time. Child labor!

  • Stephen

    Thanks. Just crazy about her. Makes the Wifey jealous.

  • Ray Ebersole

    Fantastic Stephen! She is just beautiful! I'm glad that the commute isn't too far and she is getting her exercise, but I am concerned about her anger with the keyboard.... ;-)