Singles Awareness Day…

Singles Awareness Day

So today is Valentines Day (aka Singles Awareness Day), and if you’re single, it can really be a depressing wreck of a day. In fact, this day with all the hand holding, kissing, hearts, and candy makes you very aware of how single you really are. Though I’m no longer single, I still remember how shitty being single was sometimes. I’m sure it is even worse for those people that keep failing at being un-single. However, I also remembered how much fun being single was too and the things that I would do to make the day go by faster.

At Futurelooks, we salute you single techies by putting up a guide of things that you can do to celebrate your singleness on a day for couples. This guide proposes some creative ways on how you might cope with the onslaught of cupid. We call it the Top Five Alternative Ways to Spend Valentines Day for the Single Techie.

Did we miss anything that should make it onto next year’s list? 🙂