Pulling A Muscle At Muscle Beach Santa Monica

I’m back from California and man am I missing the Sunshine.  It’s totally pissing rain here in Vancouver and it looks like Fall is inevitable.  While down in California, I made a visit to Santa Monica, home of the Original Muscle Beach.

 Welcome to Muscle Beach Santa Monica!

Muscle Beach Santa Monica is rumoured to be where the whole fitness industry began.  You can find it South of the Santa Monica Pier.  I can definitely believe that there is some truth to that because I’ve never seen a city where so few people were overweight.  They even have prepackaged cottage cheese and fruit served at local coffee shops.  I can’t stand cottage cheese, but it’s a staple for a lot of fitness nuts.  The other Muscle Beach is on Venice Beach, also in California and home of Hulk Hogan.

Here To Pump You Up…

Pulling A Muscle At Muscle Beach Santa Monica

During the day you can see people working out with the equipment that doesn’t resemble the stuff you see at the local fitness world. Instead you’ll see people pulling out Russian Kettle Bells, skipping ropes, exercise balls and using their own body weight on the rings and the pull up bars. Trainers are all over the place with their celebrity or wannabe celebrity clients.  After walking around Santa Monica, it’s pretty clear that physical fitness is important here due to the way people look and the number of healthy choices provided by even eateries that you would assume would be total greasy spoons.

Where Did C.J. Go?

I was at the REAL Baywatch Beach!

Muscle Beach Santa Monica is also where the show Baywatch takes place, even though most of the show is filmed in Hawaii due to the warmer waters.  I saw the yellow trucks and the rea life guard floater thingies, but no one was running around in red trunks or red speedo one piece swimsuits.  Bummer.

Turning Molson Muscle into Real Muscle… 

Since I was on Muscle Beach, I decided to work on my own muscles.  After driving around California and eating at a lot of less than healthy places (and some really great places which I’ll talk about in another post), it was time to work it off.  Check out the video!

It’s amazing what a little bit of inspirational Hasselhoff inspired music and some pretty pictures and transitions can do to fluff up the most boring of videos.  That’s actually my worst set.  The first set I did was way better and totally continous, but the bar started to get sticky and my palms started to get torn up. The Machine could kick my ass on those, but she was busy holding the camera. The deadlift was from last month, but it kinda finished off the video with a bit of an inspirational kick.  Heck, I think I inspired myself.  I should really get back to my CrossFit workouts if I want to become a Spartan.