Posting Videos…

Ever since I discovered that this WordPress template I’m using broke Youtube, I’ve been searching for alternatives to post videos to share with you folks. I’ve used MySpace and Google Video with success, though it’s still weird that Youtube videos won’t embed properly.

Just recently, I posted a video about Wearing Your Seatbelt from the UK through a services called LiveLeak. It’s a great video. Very shocking and will probably get you to wear your seatbelt pretty quick. Unfortunately, as soon as I posted it, it totally slowed down the loading time of my blog. In fact, it would freeze mid load and some people noticed performance issues trying to play it. I’m doing my best to push the post down by blogging a little more often.

So if your blog seems to slow down when you post a video from the non-usual suspects, it might be the video source. Just for fun I tried linking the video instead of embedding it, and yup, the page load sped up right away.