PayPerPost Comes Clean with Full Disclosure

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PayPerPost, one of the biggest names in blog advertising has met with huge controversy over their style of advertising. By allowing advertisers to dictate the "Tone" or content of a post, or the outcome of a review of their product, you can kind of see that a blog could be totally bought without you even knowing it. Unlike their competitor ReviewMe, PayPerPost did not make bloggers disclose that the post is "bought". You can see that the repercussions of this are a bunch of really positive reviews, that may not necessarily reflect the true nature of the product in question.

Although I do occasionally do a PayPerPost blog post, I only find things that I can be honest about. That is why I blogged about how I often have struggled with the opportunities offered by the service. For a while I selected no opportunities because I just could not bring myself to be bought. There were also times where there were opportunities that I just was not interested in doing. Some of the blogs out there will post about these things just for that spiff, even though they might not have any interest in the topic.

Although this policy change still won't persuade me to blow smoke on something I don't believe in, I can at least see the full disclosure initiative being a positive influence in the blogosphere, protecting people from blogs that just spew paid posts all day long on things that may not necessarily warrant the positive plug. This policy change information was not supposed to be announced by PayPerPost till Monday, but TechCrunch got the scoop on their plans already.

In the past I've dropped hints in the blog posts that have been paid plugs. However, I can now proudly say that my thoughts on this subject were not bought by them, but I'll tell you if they are. I just hope that they offer more opportunities that allow people to say anything they want without dictating the tone or the content in the future. That would be some really great progress in the right direction for the company and would give them the respect they need to survive. You can only sell out so many times.

And to answer Tyler's question about whether or not this can be a money maker for ones blog, well, it won't be a big one. At least not for me, though on the leaderboard, there are blogs doing around $1000 a month, but I could never do or say the things asked of me. Just pick your opportunities carefully and recognize that sometimes, there may not be anything for you depending on your feelings.

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  • That's great. I'm glad you're blogging to a higher standard. IMHO, a blog should always reflect your true feelings even when you are being paid to share those feelings or not.

  • I agree 100% with this post. Never go against your beliefs....

    In my blog, I also always mark advertising for the category of a paid post. I have stated in the past that I am paid for the ones that say advertising category, so hopefully my loyal readers picked up on that.