OMG! They Hacked the Wii!

Some guys decided to demystify the Wii Sensor Bar that gives the Wii it's unique gameplay. Apparently, the sensor bar senses nothing. The Wii-Mote does all the work processing and triangulating the signal to figure out its position in relation to the screen. The only thing the sensor bar does is transmit an IR signal which is picked up by the Wii-Mote. Check out the video here. So if you break your Wii-Bar, you can just hook up some old remote controls to your TV and hit some buttons ;)

  • Anon

    Interesting for sure, but just hardly good enough to be deemed a true 'hack' of the Wii console or hardware.

  • Stephen

    Shit. Fuck. What's lame is the limited vocabulary Kids have these days.

  • John Doe

    seriously what is it with posts wasting space on the internet lately, who gives a shit, how can you even call this hacking the Wii?... seriously whats hacked about it?... nothing, ...he broke the controller holy shit its a fucking break thru-'... you guys are fucking lame

  • mook