Office Cleaning Today…

I’ve been wanting to reorganize my office and make it work for me a little bit better. It took a bit of time to figure out how to best set it up so I could be as productive as possible. At one point, there was a stack of crap two feet high on every surface, except my keyboard. Now that I have it under control, and bought some drawers to store stuff, it actually looks pretty good.

This is my main work system.  Gaming system on the left. Laptop gets a spot too. My Network Operations Center.  Gigabit Switch, Router, Modem, UPS backed up, Vonage Phone System. Receiving Area - New Products In, New Products Out.

You can click on each pic for a bit of a description. There’s still a bit of cleaning and organizing that I want to do, but all in all, it’s definitely a world better than before.