Nintendo Wii Component Cables: They Shipped Them!!

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So after waiting and waiting and watching the price of Wii Component Video Cables hit over $100 bucks on eBay, Nintendo has finally shipped my cables!

Nintendo Wii Cables Confirmed Ship!

Since Nintendo of Canada is in Richmond, it looks like I'll be getting my cables in the next couple days. I originally made my order on November 19th, the day of launch, but after a few delays, they are finally going to show up! I have a tracking number and everything so I'll be sure to post once they arrive in my hands. This is good news for anyone that ordered them early because if you ordered before November 22, you'll get them in this first shipment, and if you ordered more than one, tough luck because Nintendo has stated that they will be nuking your order down to one cable.

All those people that presold cables on eBay are not only going to be on the hook for listing fees, but they will also get screwed over for PayPal. Well, better yet, they get screwed for trying to screw people for a product that they never had in hand, and tried to charge four times the price on top of that.

Looks like I won't have to hack my stock Wii Composite Cable after all.

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  • I have a second one pre-ordered from EB. Since Nintendo has been encouraging people to go to retailers for the cable, I'm sure that come Monday, some retailers should receive their backorder as well. It'll come in handy for those times when my TV gets taken over, and I have to plug it into my DELL 24 to get a couple hours of ZELDA in.

  • These are still rare and expensive though.. I have to sell them for like $67... Really stupid how expensive they are, but I don't really have a choice. They are stupid expensive for me to buy as well.