My Secrets to Perfect Coffee…

No matter how Kelly tries, she can never replicate the smooth bold taste of my coffee. How do I do it? I’m going to show you my secrets. Pay attention!

The Magic Beans

My Secret to Perfect Coffee - Beans

The best coffee comes from beans so buy beans. Pre-ground bags of coffee just don’t taste the same. It’s worth it to spend that extra 30 seconds to grind your own beans and you don’t need a fancy grinder to do it. They all work pretty much the same. To make life easy, just get one that has cup settings and a timer. They cost about $20 bucks. I usually go for organic blends and try to stay away from the overburned Starbucks. There are so many excellent coffee beans out there that you just have to look off the beaten path sometimes. My local IGA sells a brand that I’ve never heard off, but it is organic and fair trade and is probably the best I’ve ever tasted.

Every cup deserves two heaping teaspoons of beans. Don’t be a coffee bean scrooge!

Water Works

My Secret to Perfect Coffee - Water

The perfect coffee also requires good water. I have a BRITA installed on my faucet to give me my filtered water, but if you have access to a filtered water dispenser, I would use that. I often wondered why some offices have better coffee than others. Well, this is the reason. The better coffee is always produced when the person making it heads to the water cooler instead of the sink to fill the machine. Use the right amount of water, and don’t overfill the machine.

Filter Preparation

My Secrets to Perfect Coffee - Filter Prep

You might be thinking “Umm… Don’t you dump it all in and hit the switch?” : WRONG! Filter prepration is essential to getting every last drop of flavour out of your beans.

I use a high quality reusable filter. The reason I do this is because paper filters can affect the taste of the coffee. Depending on how cheap or where they are made, the coffee taste can be affected by this. Once you get your reusable filter, make sure you take good care of it. Rinse it off thorougly after ever use and don’t just let it sit in the machine. It’ll cake up and be more difficult to clean. If you did leave it in too long, steal someones toothbrush and give it a good scrub. That normally does the trick.

The other mistake I notice is that some people just don’t level their coffee out. They dump it in unevenly. As a result, you’ll get coffee that is dry on one side of the filter, and a mess on the other. This can also lead to strange tasting and inconsistent coffee that may be too strong or too weak. Take the time to make the coffee level in the filter and you will get an even and smooth drip.

Finally, you’ll notice in the picture above that there is a sprinkle of white crystals in the center. This is the big secret: Salt. I don’t know why this works, but since I started adding a small pinch of salt to every brew, the coffee has turned out full on smoother than normal. Kelly noticed it right away. I tend to use sea salt rather than your regular table salt.

If you follow all the steps above before you hit the switch, you’ll be guaranteed a perfect cup of coffee every time. Let me know how it goes šŸ˜‰