It Wasn’t a Cold…

I got some Cold/Flu like symptoms last week so I went to the drug store and got myself the usual suspects.  In my case, you down the Buckleys, keep some HALLS in your pocket, and shoot the Nyquil before bed.  I did for that for 5 days, and everyday, it seemed to get worse.  I also kept having fevers, going hot and then cold almost randomly.  Kelly told me to go see a doctor.  I’m glad I did. After the doctor smacked me on the forehead and face a few times, did some probing, and checked out my throat and breathing, he concluded that I had Sinusitis.  Sinu…what? 

Sinusitis is actually a bug that presents itself totally like a cold.  You get cold like symptoms at first, then you get huge headaches like your head is going to explode, and then fever.  Then your sinuses get totally infected.  Eww!  I’ve actually still got a low grade fever and my head does feel like its going to explode.  I tried to be a man and grunt it out, but I wasn’t going to win this fight without help.

The doctor prescribed some Nasonex and some Anti-Biotics and sent me on my way.  He also refilled my muscle relaxant prescription from my car accident.  My neck still tends to stick and get tense when I go to bed.  It feels like I’m shrugging my neck but can’t turn it off so the muscle relaxants help a lot.  Along with my mind being a bit burnt out, my body decided to join the big mess.  Goes to show how powerful that mind really is.  Hopefully, after I finish off these drugs, I should be right as rain, and ready for my trip to Taiwan for the COMPUTEX Show.