Isagenix PRE-Cleanse Day 1 – The Weigh In

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! My tubby ass shirtless, and my weigh in details.

Starting Weight: 179 pounds

Starting Body Mass Index (BMI): 26.43 (Weight x 703 / height / height)

Total Starting Inches: 340.7 inches

Neck: 14.5 inches

Upper Arm L/R: 12.4 / 12.7 inches

Chest: 37.0 inches

Diaphragm: 36.5 inches

Waist: 35.0 inches

Adbomen 6″ Below Waist:36.8 inches

Buttocks 9″ Below Waist: 41.0 inches

Upper Thigh L/R: 25.5/25.5 inches

Calf L/R: 15.4/15.4 inches

Upper Knee L/R: 16.5/16.5 inches

Obligatory Stephen Fung Starting Photos (front and side):

The Initial Weigh In The Initial Weigh In

So just to recap, my cleanse is a 9 Day duration, but due to the fact that I’ve never done one before, it has been recommended by Isagenix to do a 2 day pre-cleanse to get the body ready for the starvation I’m already feeling, so in total, 11 days. I will be checking in with a weigh in on the 3rd, 10th, and then the final day.

During the two pre-cleanse days, I’m allowed two shakes a day (morning and evening) and a sensible meal in the afternoon. Sensible meaning 400 – 600 calories which is a little bit smaller than a BIG MAC (only the sandwhich) and needs to be low-fat and high in fiber based on the meal plans. I’ll also be drinking a whole ton of water and getting at least 20 minutes of exercise daily.

I just looked at my first meal. I’m going to be in for a rough ride. What’s even worse is I don’t get any coffee. I’ll report back with anything interesting throughout DAY ONE. Wish me luck!