Isagenix Final Weigh In

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11 Days ago, I started my journey to dropping some serious pounds prompted by some eyebrow raising claims of how there was a program that could accomplish what Jenny Craig would take weeks to do. Well, here the moment we've all been waiting for, so without further adieu...

Starting Weight: 179 pounds
Ending Weight: 168 pounds for a decrease of 11 lbs.

Starting Body Mass Index (BMI): 26.43 (Weight x 703 / height / height)
Ending Body Mass Index (BMI): 24.81 for a decrease of 1.62. This puts me within the "Normal" BMI range vs the "Overweight" range.

Total Starting Inches: 340.7 inches
Total Ending Inches: 319.2 inches for a decrease of 21.5 inches

Start - Neck: 14.5 inches
End - Neck: 13.8 inches for a decrease of 0.7 inches

Start - Upper Arm L/R: 12.4 / 12.7 inches
End - Upper Arm L/R: 12.2 / 12.0 inches for a decrease of 0.2 / 0.7 inches

Start - Chest: 37.0 inches
End - Chest: 35.7 inches for a decrease of 1.3

Start - Diaphragm: 36.5 inches
End - Diaphragm: 32.6 inches for a decrease of 3.9 inches

Start - Waist: 35.0 inches
End - Waist: 31.6 inches for a decrease of 3.4 inches

Start - Adbomen 6" Below Waist:36.8 inches
End - Adbomen 6" Below Waist:33.0 inches for a decrease of 3.8 inches

Start - Buttocks 9" Below Waist: 41.0 inches
End - Buttocks 9" Below Waist: 39.5 inches for a decrease of 1.5 inches

Start - Upper Thigh L/R: 25.5/25.5 inches
End - Upper Thigh L/R: 23.0/23.0 inches for a decrease of 2.5 / 2.5 inches

Start - Calf L/R: 15.4/15.4 inches
End - Calf L/R: 15.0/15.0 inches for a decrease of 0.4/0.4 inches

Start - Upper Knee L/R: 16.5/16.5 inches
End - Upper Knee L/R: 16.2/16.5 inches for a decrease of 0.3/0.0 inches

Obligatory Stephen Fung Before (left) and After (right) Photos (front and side):

The Initial Weigh In After 11 Days of Isagenix - Front View

The Initial Weigh In After 11 Days of Isagenix - Side View

So at the end of the program, what did I think of it? Well, it's a tough road. You are forced to break habits, endure some discomfort, eat really rotten things, and test your will. If you're not known to finish what you start, this might not be for you. However, if you do go through with it, you'll be left at the end with two options: Feeling good about what you've accomplished and maintaining it forever, or going back to where you were.

This progam does work. It will lose you a lot of inches and a lot of weight in a fairly short period of time. The key is to see how well you keep it off. Doing this program has forced me to break my bad habits and to rethink where my body is now, and where it was 10 years ago: My body has changed, but I haven't changed the way I run it. I need to respect that I can no longer eat as I once could and maintain a 155 lb frame. I'm pushing thirty, and I'm going to need to work at it now.

Along with the changes in my diet, I will be continuing the maitenance program that Isagenix prescribes until I can get my fitness back up again. Then I don't crash hard and gain it all back. I have to find my body's happy place and adapt to it. If I simply rely on consistency, I should not be shocked when my body changes and my routine no longer works. I will adapt with my slowing metabolism and my lifestyle changes.

I'm available for Inspirational Lectures and Parties 😉 If you're interested in giving this program a try, you can talk to Cari-Lee and she can get you the products. Though this product has an MLM component, I'm not part of that, so if you're looking for the hard truth about how it really is, you can always post a comment here and I'll be happy to give you my 2 cents.

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  • kitty

    I am on day 5 (really day 3) of the 9 day program. Yeah, the cleanse days are tough and the egg at mid morning and mid afternoon definately helped me get through the day.

    About exercising. I don't really have much energy to do any heavy exercise (I am not much of exerciser to start with). The most that I do is 20 mins of walking per day. But yesterday on my cleanse day, I walked 45 mins. Yeah, I was a little shaky when I got home. I had the vile with a boiled egg and felt much better.

    I am not much of a coffee drinking but I am still getting mild headaches on pre cleanse days and the two cleanse days. I weighted myself after the 2 pre cleanse day and 1 clean day and I lost 3 lbs. yeah!!! the bonus is that I am usually quite gassy and feel bloated quite often after I eat. So far on the 9 day program, I have not been feeling bloated at all. So Allyson, the Gas-X might not be needed!

    Thanks Stephen for your blog. It definately very encouraging!

  • I am just about to start the 30 day program and I am glad that I found your blog so that I know exactly what I am in for...this times 3. I am really excited though.

    One question though... are you allowed to take gassex or something like that to combat the gas of the isaflush?

    Allyson's last blog post..I won...

    • Not sure about the Gas-X, but I think it's a good idea to just "stick to the plan". Afterall, you're paying for the program and it would suck to sabotage oneself.

  • I usually eat my meal in the evening so I am eating with my family. But, I find that I am totally ravenous by dinner time. Maybe eating raw almonds in between my shakes will help.

    I plan on doing the back to back 30 day cleanses until I have lost 50lbs. I am hoping my weight "releases" as fast as some of the inspirational stories I've read.

    Thanks for your words of wisdom.

    Las Vegas, NV

    • Wow. That's going to be insane. However, I have to point out that during the cleanse, I was not very energetic after any hard exercise. It took me the rest of the day to recover. I was only good for MAYBE 30 minutes of easy cardio, or light weights. It is definitely not a diet that will make it easy for you to be able to do good workouts. It just doesn't give you enough energy. At least with me it didn't. This is the reason why I didn't go past the 11 day. I had considered extending it because I had enough supplies, to 30 days, but after the miserable exercise performance, I just couldn't continue because I knew that if I lost too much muscle, I wouldn't be able to burn more calories normally.

      The cleanse really tears your body down and makes it even MORE hungry, even though you've trained yourself to cope with it. That's why I think that after I quit the maintenance, my body responded so well to my healthier eating and the exercise.

      So if you need to cut out after 30 days, I wouldn't consider it a loss. But take it as a new beginning with your thoroughly flushed out body, regardless of whether you hit the target 50 pounds. The number doesn't matter. It's just a bonus. Most importantly, it's how you feel and conduct your eating and your exercise afterwards that is the important thing.

  • Hi Stephen...

    I realize it's been a year since you were on the cleanse but I just started a 30 day cleanse and am on day 8. I have lost 6.4 lbs. :o) I was reading that you were eating "snacks". Where you eating these snacks (horse pills or eggs or almonds) on the shake days or just on the cleanse days?

    Thanks for this blog. I think it is the most helpful thing I have found on the internet (along with all the inspirational stories) because it is so detailed.

    Las Vegas, NV

    • If I had to do it all over again, I'd do it with just the two almonds and the egg as my snack of choice. The horse tablets did nothing to fill me up, and the vanilla ones just made me gag. I felt much more fulfilled with the almonds and eggs and for the remainder of my cleanse I relied on them to get me through the rest of the week.

      Good on you for doing the thirty day cleanse! That's going to require some major will power during your first couple weeks, but I know you'll get through it. Definitely max out those snacks to keep yoru blood sugar up. It helps a LOT!

  • Jenny

    I just started on Monday. I am doing the 30 day cleanse - so today is my 1st cleanse day - tough!

    I only lost 2 pounds in Day 1 and Day 2... I sure hope this works because I am STARVING!

    I do not mind the shakes at all - I use the chocolate flavor.

    Thanks for your blog


  • April

    were you consistantly losing weight throughout? I know they say don't weigh until day 10 - but i hopped on the scale today and found that my weight loss was the same as on day 3. Unless something miraculous is going to happen in the next 2 days, I'm not sure I would say this was worth it.

    • I had to go back through my top posts for that one. Just in case you want to read about my cleanse from stem to stern you can read them in sequence right here:

      I lost the most weight during my first two days, and then the rest after my final two days based on my entries. I was pretty out of shape though and was eating pretty poorly. I guess the amount of weight you lose will depend on how well you took care of yourself before the cleanse. I doubt that people who are in shape will lose a lot.

  • April

    ok - so i'm on cleanse day 5 (day 7) and actually read your blog daily after the silly newsletter. Agree that the vanilla horse pill is absolutely the worst tasting thing! I have had 3 (anyone want to buy a bottle of vanilla pills??) and after almost vomitting each time I tried to eat it - i gave up and went to almonds alone. I also started adding an egg mid-morning and mid-evening. Hey - the calories weren't coming from the chalk - so why not from the eggs. That was during vile liquid days. Vile shake days were improved with blue berries in the shake.
    Just wanted to say thanks for your candidness - it's helped. As did the laughs!

    • No problem April! One of the things I tried to do throughout my cleanse was to try to keep my sense of humour. I've heard that a lot of people just lose that cheerfulness they normally have. I'm very grumpy when I don't eat, and writing the blog entries really helped me stay focused.

      Glad I got you laughin' 😉

  • cola

    Stephen - did this really work?
    are you still doing it?

    • Yes, actually it did. The program, more than anything else, taught me discipline, and how truly little I need to eat to be full. I totally changed my eating habits, and kept the weight off.

      I'm not on the program anymore, after the initial cleanse. I did the maintenance program for about a month after, then started easing myself off it. I just felt I learned enough healthy habits to keep me going.

      If you do intend to try it DO NOT CHEAT. The first two days are hardest. It's like a real shock to the body. You'll feel weird, and then your body will get used to it. Goodluck!

  • I actually, believe it or not, didn't cheat at all. Probably because it cost me money to do this program. I hate throwing away money.

    What I did do well was to max out all my food allowances every single day. When I had my Isasnacks AKA the Horse Tablets, I had two almonds as well as per the guidelines. Just make sure they are the unsalted ones. Almonds will be your friends.

    My other favourite snack was a hard boiled egg of the Issasnacks. Between Issanack and hard boiled egg, the egg wins. Just get the Omega 3 eggs. They cost a bit more, but they fit into the cleanse. If I had to do it again, I would definitely have more eggs, and fewer Issanacks. I think the reason why I suffered so much early on was because I discovered that one too late. The eggs left me more satisfied.

    Keep your eye on the prize 😉

    This reminds me. I need to do a 1 month anniversary update.

  • Bill

    Hi Stephen,
    I am now on my very first day of pre-cleansing. I had the shake for breakfast and dinner today, a sensible lunch and also the isasnack in between. It is already pretty hard to resist foods. I am bloated because of the losts of water I drank. I just hope that I can go sleep soon so I don't think about food any did you do it? Did you cheat occasionally?

  • Al

    Get that lean muscle goin. Running, push-ups, chin-ups... it'll keep you lean and mean, but you won't bulk up a ton.

  • Mmm... Beer...

  • A six pack? I think you better start with a beer in one hand and a beer in the other hand.

  • Proof is in the pants. The ones I chose to wear, I could never get into them. The button wouldn't close. Never would I ever have thought I'd lose enough girth to do that in such a short period of time. Now to put myself on the road to the six pack!

  • Once again, I agree with Carl and John. I don't see any difference either. Nevertheless, I hope you keep up the hard work with sculpting your body. Perhaps a couple of months from now, you'll end up looking like Lance Armstrong in his prime (minus the blood doping of course!).

    When it comes to staying on the wagon ,it can be pretty hard. But when I cheat, you'll always find me at Fittness World the next day, sweating my ass off.

  • Which photo is the before and which is the after?

  • I know I have been hard on this cleanse thing, but I am being totally honest here; you look almost exactly the same in the 'after' pictures. I can see slightly less fatty tissue on your boobs and your navel, but that's about it.

    That leads me to beleive most of the weight you lost was muscle tone.

    That's not good...

    Too bad you didn't do a body fat % for before and after... Knowing your overall weight is only 1/3 the story! You also need to know the levels of lean mass and water in your body (both of which have been starved out of you I think)

    Anyway, I don't want to discourage you. Keep it up! I have been there before, and fell off the wagon. Lemmy has done it, and I'm not sure how he has been doing since. But I am back on track, for good this time.

    Good luck!