Is Everything Taller in Taipei?

That’s a Tall Beer!

You may think that the buildings in your city are tall, but it isn’t as tall as the Taipei 101. As the world’s tallest building, one has to wonder what other things are super tall in Taipei. Obviously, it ain’t the people. However, a quick trip down to the Sogo Supermarket revealed something neither John (before I kicked him out of Taipei) and me could resist.

For $105 NT, or around $3 bucks US, you can buy a 1000 ml can of either Heineken or ASAHI beer. That’s insane! Since it was so hot and humid out, we decided to both pick up a can and enjoy our beverage while walking around Taipei. Apparently, there is no law against open alcohol on the street so what the hell. As we were walking around, we noticed people staring at us as we strutted down the street with our super beers in hand. Apparently, that can feeds about three people. Hmm, I guess what we did was about the same as drinking a full sized carton of milk while walking down the street at home.

It was funny to see the reaction on people’s faces as we walked by. They’d point, laugh, and make those “Oh my God” faces as we’d stroll by. Sometimes we’d raise our beers and they’d grin. Taipei is such a friendly place. Not only do they have the tallest building, but they have the tallest beers for cheap.