I'm Doing a Cleanse...

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No, I'm not using a brand new Neutrogena product to clean my face. A cleanse is a method of removing all the toxins in your body that cause you to feel nasty. Since toxins apparently cling to your fat cells, people who do a cleanse end up losing about 7 lbs a week, and end up keeping it off. The program that I'm starting next week will have me go for 9 days straight. I will only be allowed to eat and snack on what is provided in the program, but I get to have a regular evening meal that is restricted in content.

Well, looks like I'll have to hit the fish and chip place before I start. I'll probably do a day by day report of this one because I've never done anything that required this level of commitment to lose weight, and hopefully improve my health. After 29 years of eating that included too much fast food, and a lot of nasty food court food while working a job, it's about time I clean up this toxic waste dump of a body.

Wish me luck, and hope I don't cheat!

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  • How did it go for you?

    • I kept all the weight off. But your mileage may vary. I tend to be very stubborn, and when I spend money on something, I want top value.

      You can follow my Isagenix journey here:


      • Leo

        Hey Stephen!
        If you need help getting some weight back I can take you out eating more often. We should go try the "Hulk" burger I was talking about.

        • I'd try the "Hulk" burger! It'll help me bulk up in no time!

          • Leo

            Gimme a call next time when you're really hungry and I'll treat ya!

          • You're on!

  • 1) Most likely any initial weight you're losing is water.

    2) Cleansing is still good though. I wouldn't plan on it being permanent though... It'll help if you get a colonic to start! Then follow up with some enemas! weeeee!

  • I'm doing this one:


  • Rosie

    Which cleanse are you doing??