I'm at the 2009 E3 Expo in LA


Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been pretty busy in the last little while and now I'm at the E3 Expo in LA with the Futurelooks Team. The crew is staying at the Wilshire Plaza Hotel in LA and it was going great till we discovered that another media outlet, Area 5 (The CO-OP Video Game Show Guys on Revision3) decided to setup a Mac Pro in their room to upload their videos, sucking up all the available bandwidth. At one point, I saw about 10 MacBooks on the network, probably uploading and rendering video onto that thing. Luckily the connection is far better at the E3 Media Lounge.

Yesterday, we put together a quick video of the things we really want to see on the floor. Check it out:

As you can see, there's going to be quite a bit more console coverage at Futurelooks at E3. It's pretty much a Michael Kwan show at this point, but Jason Landals and Eric Garay are both doing their best to find stuff for PC Gamers. Definitely follow Futurelooks on Twitter to see what we're up to. We'll also be doing a daily wrap up video so keep an eye on our Fututurelooks YouTube Channel as well.

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    Cool post, just subscribed.

  • http://www.soltrago.com Online TV

    You lucky. I bet on that expo have been many new technology prototypes. I would also like to go to a exhibition like that.

  • http://www.roompot.pl Dekoracja Okien

    Woah! E3?! Congrats. I gotta say I always wanted to go there but never managed to find the time. Or the money.

  • http://benpei.com Ben Pei

    Nice nice.. Why don't they have such stuff here in Singapore?

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  • http://blog.dk/kagemand28 Kagemand

    This is one good event, I am looking forward of knowing the good stuff for PC games from you guys. Hope you had a great time there.

  • http://www.truthaboutdiets.net Curtis

    I really hope Microsoft starts getting a move on...Nintendo is totally dominating everything because of their innovation. *sigh* at least Microsoft still has exclusive rights to Halo (I think).

    • http://www.futurelooks.com Stephen

      Xbox 360 has Natal and the industry is very excited about that. Check out the demo:

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      • http://www.truthaboutdiets.net Curtis

        That looks incredible...the only problem I see with that is that people like me are going to miss having a controller. Are they going to start introducing crazy accessories like Wii has for sports? I like FPS games...and I'd prefer not to be pointing with my finger..LOL

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    *sigh*, Still one of my dreams to go to E3 conventions :(


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    Lucky you :). I am sure you will have "bad" time over there :). Thanks for interesting expo trailer

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  • http://btr.michaelkwan.com Michael Kwan

    Face it. Life is a Michael Kwan show.

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    • http://www.ededition.com Ed Lau

      That would be a lot like the Super Dave Osbourne show. Every episode ends with Michael hilariously injuring himself in a segway or scooter accident.

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    • http://btr.michaelkwan.com Michael Kwan

      But you still tune in to watch, right?

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      • http://www.futurelooks.com Stephen

        I'm always up for a Kwan-Fiasco. We just have to figure out what to make you do for this year's disaster ;)

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  • Gabe

    While you're there you ought to rent a scooter and see some of the sights. There are Family owned restaurants in the neighborhoods that surround the Industrial Park at Anaheim that make some of the best cheeseburgers and fries (among other things) that you've ever eaten! I ran from LA to Mobile,Al for the last 5 years that I drove the truck. Used to get my mountain bike out of the trailer and look for these places.Good people and food! Gabe

    • http://www.futurelooks.com Stephen

      Didn't have a chance to do the scooter thing. However, based on the way that LA people drive, I'd be nuts to play chicken with an SUV.

      We were in KoreaTown so we ended up eating a lot of Kimchi.

      Check out Stephens last blog post... E3 Expo 2009: The Great Video Game Accessory Round Up