I Won Another iPod nano!

Well, lightning has struck twice. Last year at COMPUTEX, I won an iPod nano at the Thermaltake Party. This year, I won another one at the ZOTAC party. Unfortunately, I’m not much of an iPod fan so it might have to be given away at some point in the near future. Ed Lau also won an iPod nano. In fact, he was the first one to get called up. Jokingly, we asked our ZOTAC rep to draw Michael, Ed and me so when he drew my name after the third try, we were totally thinking that Michael would be a shoe in. Unfortunately, he got totally pwned. Poor Michael. First spooning, now no iPod or iPhone.

John Chow, who normally ends up winning something at every party, is currently batting zero. I guess that streak had to come to an end at some time.