Horror at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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I used to ride roller coasters a whole lot more when I was a kid. Probably because I wasn't aware of my minor propensity towards motion sickness, my fear of heights, and the fact that I wasn't pounding back a triple zombie the night before at that age. At any rate, John dragged my ass to Six Flags Magic Mountain to ride some of the most horrifying and violent coasters in North America. Some pics of the monstrosities can be found here.

This morning I woke up OK. I had a good 7 hrs of sleep, but I had that fading alcohol taste in my mouth still. John tossed me a left over brownie, and we were off to Six Flags Magic Mountain. After the first coaster, The Viper, I was OK, but the huge drop and high banking G turns of the GOLIATH put my relatively successful hangover recovery back. I was starting to taste The Zombie: An Evil Drink that John ordered for me the night before which had mainly rums and other hard liquor, oh, and a bit of juice. Because it was a triple, take some juice out, add three times the alcohol.

For the remainder of the rides, I felt it necessary to close my eyes to temper my fear of heights, and the annoying pounding headache.

Magic Horror 2006

John managed to drag my ass through seven coasters including the ultra violent Batman and Riddler rides. Then finally, I had my ass shot zero to 100 in 6.6 seconds, and up about 400 feet in the air at Superman - The Escape. He has a video of my horror at his blog.

Afterwards, I was beaten up and begging for mercy. If I wasn't hungover before, I was hungover now. I think I'm good for another decade for coasters. Even though he thinks I'm a sissy, he'd be the weird loner guy riding the coasters himself if I didn't go with him 😛

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  • Josh

    LOL ya maybe the booth babes made E3, E3... I enjoy playing video games i mean who doesnt hehe but i also think there is a high "hype" around E3 as a major event and this time it could of been a little to much hype.

    Getting home after a trip like yours deffently deserves rest!

  • I thought E3, overall, was kind of a lame duck. It wasn't that exciting. I think a lot of people felt that this year's show just didn't have the same level of energy as years past. Even with the launch of Wii and more PS3 smoke, I thought that there'd just be "More". Even the regular media said that the show wasn't as exciting as in the past.

    I guess that's what happens when you tell the booth babes to put their clothes back on. LOL!

  • Josh

    hahah nice, sounds like it was a interesting adventure at E3 !

  • He was nursing his Pina Colada's and Chi Chi's. He took one sip of my drink and did the sour face.

    I felt kinda bad that my drink cost $30 bucks 😛

  • Josh

    Wow sounds like fun lol. I dont remember John drinking a Triple Zombie the other night either...

    Crazy when you droped the penny and you guys left it in the dust!