Dot Com Rock Band – Kwanye Farewell Tour

It’s true. Michael Kwan, our favorite Segway Crashing and Scooter Wrecking friend has taken off to the land of the rising snow and City of Malls, Edmonton, Alberta. As mentioned at last week’s Dot Com Congee Noodle House, he is there to pursue his new blogging niche of “Oiled Cowboys”. Hopefully, Jason will have Dot Com Pho with him occasionally when the temperature is above the freezing level of Vietnamese beef noodle soup. We’re going to miss him at our weekly “Pho Downs”.

For Michael’s going away party, we decided to have a Dot Com Rock Band Edition. Most of you don’t know this, but Michael does a very moving rendition of “Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld”. It’s so moving that Ed Lau giggled himself to tears while Greg Morgan and Gary Ng rocked on to his soulful melody in a heated game of Foosball. We had pizza and fudgcicles and a whole lot of fun as you will lay witness to in this video…

We’re going to miss Kwanye and we hope that he gets there without incident. Although the car has four wheels, the U-Haul trailer only has two. I expect to see a news headline tomorrow night reading something like “U-Haul Trailer Flips Over in Front Yard and Traps Male Occupant. Blames Handheld Camcorder for Mishap”. The article would go further quoting the victim as saying “I was standing in the middle of the trailer, between the two wheels, when all of a sudden, I had a feeling like I was on a Segway. Next thing I knew, the thing was upside down and i fell on my digital camera!”

Take care man and we’ll miss you! Hope to see you back here for a Dot Com Pho – Holiday Edition!