Dot Com Pho – Lemon Glass…Grass…Edition

This past Saturday another Dot Com Pho took place. This week, we invaded the Lemon Grass Restaurant in Richmond, based on Greg Morgan’s recommendation. If you remember, Greg Morgan suggested that we check out a restaurant called Cuu Long in Vancouver, which we thought was mediocre at best. However, the “Big Cock Marketer” showed up this week so let’s see if it stacks up. Upon entering, I deja vu feeling and I was right: It used to be a greek restaurant. Apparently they moved up the street and the new owners turned it into a Vietnamese Restaurant, though I think Lemon Grass is more of a Thai ingredient.

In addition to Greg Morgan, we of course had John Chow, Ray, Wolfgang and picking up the video producing duties this week, Ed Lau. Also joining us this week were Rory Hansen, Heather, who owns the longest URL in existence, Crystal, and Timothy Sykes, author of An American Hedge Fund along with Adarsh who is, coincidentally, Greg’s neighbour.

This week’s episode of Dot Com Pho includes our commentary on how much the new MacBook sucks, our first Dot Com Booze of the week (thanks Buzz!), a rich Zinfandel from California called Cellar#8, our gadget of the week, which, unfortunately, we have no clue who gave it to us, and the joys of Motorboating in BC. Also featured this week is our continued Twitter shout outs. Enjoy!

I think that next week, it’s Dot Com Bachelor Party for iPhone Gary as he’s decided to throw the shackles on and pitch himself into the bottom less pit of marital bliss. But before that, he’s gonna go out with a bang complete with stripper poles, debauchery and paintball.