Dot Com Pho After Hours - The Pilot!

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This week's Dot Com Pho was held at Happy Pho. Though it was a small crowd, we still managed to have Ed Lau not show up late. Greg Morgan traded places with him for the last spot. If this was amazing race, Greg would have lost this week, but then again, Ed would have lost every week before that so he probably wouldn't be on the show by now. Also in attendance was Moneca, Wolfgang, Ray, iPhone Gary, and of course John Chow.

John cuts out the first five minutes of the video on his Flip Mino and presents it to us as this week's Dot Com Pho Episode which includes something something contest, some gadgets and something twitter shout outs...

So now that the boring stuff is out of the way, it's time to switch gears to the "After Hours" edition of Dot Com Pho which takes place after the first five minutes. Just when you thought that all Dot Com Pho was about is eBooks and Twitter Shout Outs, Dot Com Pho After Hours rescues it from this purgatory of boredom by exploring all the stuff you actually care about and cranks things up to a NC-17 rating. This of course is where all the funny and entertaining stuff happens as John stops talking about making money, and the rest of us start talking about things like more gadgets, more useless iPhone Apps, Jack Bauer, movies and TV Shows. Enjoy the pilot episode!

Next week, Ed Lau will find a way to record and produce the next episode as he has been telling us since the beginning of last Summer. I'll be attending Kelly's Nutrition Clinic where she'll show her attendees how to eat better and avoid passing gallstones. In John's case, it was probably the diet pop that sent him to emergency. Kelly will be going through a lot of different topics including how a lot of these so called "Healthy" versions of food are actually bad for you and why it isn't the fat that makes you fat. If you're looking for practical ways to improve your nutrition, come to this clinic. It will be the best $25.00 you've ever spent.

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  • FYI, Episode 2 of Dot Com Pho: After Hours is up! This After Hours idea is looking pretty good.

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  • The original style of Dot Com Pho rarely breaks 200 views, even though it's put on big sites like John's. Something really needs to be done if you actually want to gain a following.

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    • That's not entirely accurate. It has a swing of 200 to over 1000. The ones that have the highest views are when we do something stupid or extremely funny.

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    • The issue with the current Dot Com Pho is that it has become (or always was) the John Chow show. It's always about Market Leverage this and affiliate marketing that. I personally think that while new viewers may be drawn to that kind of material (the same reason why his blog is so popular), over the long haul, more people are interested in actual entertainment. They go elsewhere for tips and advice on making money online. That's not the objective of these videos. At least, that's what I think.

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    • That's because John's editing is boring and the content he picks is even worse.

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  • I like the dot com pho after hours way better than the first 5 minutes.

    This is the one that should be put on the dot com pho website... it'd get way more traffic than it already does.

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  • Regarding the Leno situation, you won't actually be staying up any later than you have been already (if you stay up to watch late night talk shows). Leno gets an earlier spot at 10-11, so the Fallon Show (which is currently Conan's show) will still end at 1:35am. You can choose to stay up a little longer to watch Carson Daly, but who watches Carson Daly?

    On a side note, you need to do something about the audio levels. Your music intro/outro is a lot louder than the rest of the vid.

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    • With the change up, you're going to have to stay up to watch it a couple times to figure out if people are changing their game, switching up material, or just remaining the same. But you'll know pretty quick.

      As for audio levels, how come I'm imagining you squinting at the monitor (very seriously I might add) when you are twittered the video link. You click the link and discover that it is quiet, so you crank the volume up. Then the intro music blasts, you squeal like a little girl, and you fall out of your chair 😆

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