Confessions of a PC Case Designer: An Interview With NZXT’s Johnny Hou

I mentioned a little while ago about an interview I was doing with Johnny Hou of NZXT. Well, it has finally been posted at Futurelooks. The reason it took a while was because I wasn’t really satisfied with the way it turned out. Initially, it started out as a regular Q and A style interview, which, in my opinion, is tedious to read at best. It’s just your banter with the interviewee, which often times is boring, and really doesn’t allow you to get to know the subject.

Instead, I took what I learned during my Magazine Article Writing Course, and turned it into an article worthy of print in any mainstream media publication. It’s my first time adopting this style for an interview, so I would welcome any constructive criticism you might have to improve. The people who workshopped the article with me actually found it very easy to read and engaging. The only problems it seems was because of the audience I intended it for, some of the workshoppers felt a bit lost on the terminology used. Enjoy!

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