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Happy New Year and Three Great Ways To Keep Business Buzzing During Slow Months


Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry for not blogging as much as I've wanted to and I've resolved to change that for 2013. Things have been extremely busy for me lately as I just got back from CES 2013 in Las Vegas just over a week ago and there's a ton of follow up to do with all the companies I visited for Futurelooks and MEGATechNews. We also did some amazing coverage so you can check that out over here (Futurelooks CES 2013 Coverage) and here (MEGATechNews CES 2013 Coverage) if you're into computers, gadgets and other techie stuff.

Like any business, there are periods of the year where things seem to die down quite a bit. In some cases it can be so slow that it can be quite terrifying for businesses that rely on more regular business. If you're wondering what that looks like, just look at the picture above, courtesy of Michael Kwan. In fact, that's what I look like this time of year because even my business goes through this slump around the January and February periods where advertisers start to cut back to reset themselves for Q2 when things start to pick up again. After the busy holiday season, people just don't seem to want to look at stuff that they might want to buy, possibly putting them into further debt, which I totally understand.

If you do have a business that has a dip sometime during the year, it’s important to take some extra measures to ensure that it's business as usual. And this might involve spending dollars that you might otherwise keep saved, in exchange for the potential pay off of more business down the road.

While cost cutting for those lean times is an effective means of riding it out, sometimes a bit of out of the box thinking is needed to stand out from the crowd. Let's face it. Email blasts only go so far, especially with SPAM filters set to kill these days. Here are three good ways that might help your business out.

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It's Time For a New Look!

Since I'm trying to get things going again here, I figured it was time to get a new look for this site. Actually, no, that's not exactly the reason why I decided I needed a new look...

Apparently, when you don't update your blog for 19 months or so, things tend to change, and updates tend to take place. As a result of updating the blog to the latest WordPress along with all the plugins, the site stopped working right. It was pretty horrible as things just starting breaking as I started to use them. Michael Kwan can attest to that. He was trying to post a comment and ended up trying to post it three times, each time, something weirder happened.

The theme is actually the brand new default theme for the next version of WordPress (4.0 I believe?). Morten from Pink and Yellow Media pointed me to it. At first, I wasn`t sure about the uber clean look, but I think it's a good way to start fresh. I'm actually thinking of keeping it this way simply because it's so different. It's just so clean compared to any of the designs I`ve had in the past and I feel that anything I post is just amplified by the lack of clutter.

I guess we'll have to see how things progress in the next week or so. There are still many tweaks that I'd like to make. Hopefully I don't take another 19 month break after this post. I better pace myself.

Are You Spamming Me?

SPAM is just part of being on the Interwebz these days. Everywhere we go, some site wants to sell us something, from pharmaceuticals to credit reports. Of course, we also get SPAM in email, often times from a deposed prince who needs help getting his money out of the country. Sounds innocent enough right? And that's why people try to help the brother out and end up being pwned.

Although we have the option of leaving our computers at home while we enjoy time out with friends or family, have you ever wondered what things would be like if SPAM followed you into real life? This video portrays a rather disturbing possibility...

Though computers aren't to the point where they can program a human brain, people are susceptible to the power of suggestion. Marketing and advertising play a huge role in this, but the prospect of making money online too has caused some people to, although not to this extent, sound rather SPAMMY in their conversations.

Has anyone ever SPAMMED you in person? Have you done it to someone and not even realized you did it?

It Feels So Good to be Totally Right!

After the finale of The Apprentice, I immediately wrote a post talking about how Dot Com Mogul James Sun lost the competition. I felt that after he plugged his company, if the sponsors weren't pissed, there'd be something wrong. Well, it looks like I hit the nail right on the head. Even James couldn't figure out what Trump was talking about initially. He had to go through the tapes! In his post finale blog post, he too came to the same conclusion...

Next, I committed the big “slap on the hand” by answering Don Jr.’s question that I am the current founder and CEO of In the real world, this statement would be 100% okay. But on television, especially on Donald Trump’s show where companies pay millions of dollars for product endorsements…..any reference to a company is treated as an endorsement for promoting the company. To be 100% honest with you, I did not intentionally bring up the name… just happened. is literally a part of who I am now. I eat, sleep, drink, and wake up to It’s just part of my every day speech.

Wow. It feels great to be SOOOOO right! 😆

Don't worry about it James! I totally would have done the same thing, consciously, or subconsciously. We're both cursed with strong entrepreneurial genes! Besides, you're a Dot Com Mogul and the driving force behind ZooDango! Those are things that Trump can never be. You also live in the most beautiful part of the world and you have a great family that loves being together. Trump should be envious of what you have.

Remind me to put James on the guest list for next years "Night Before CES Party". I should invite Nick Warnock too.

Slimey Car Dealerships Beware!

Welcome to another exciting ReviewMe (aff) review! This one is sponsored by Autotropolis. Today we're going to check out their new Interactive Car Dealership Finder that allows you to rate, review, and research local car dealerships in your area.

First Impressions


The Autotropolis site is clearly devoted to cars.  The ashphalt screams of hitting the road, while the yellow paint reminds you to stay on it.  The site offers research tools for new cars and used cars.  They even offer buying advice, and when you've finally made up your mind, the site can even help you with financing. Today we're going to concentrate on their Interactive Car Dealership Finder.

No Canadians Allowed!

 Search Search Search!

Well, at least not yet. The site only works for Dealerships in the US, so slimey car dealerships with subpar service in Canada are safe...for now.   This area allows you to search for dealerships by Zip Code or by Location.  They've even tied in the power of Google Maps so you can check out dealerships on a map.  Just check out the what they've got on Guntersville, Alabama. Don't ask me why I picked that 😛 You can even narrow it down by car make.  Unfortunately, it's not specific enough to allow narrowing by model.

Once you've located a dealership in your area, selling the make of vehicle that you want, you can click on them and see what other people have said about them or rated them.  If you have an opinion about a dealership, you can go ahead and rate and leave your comments right away.  Unfortunately, it looks like anyone can just leave a comment or rating, which is good and bad.  It's bad because some people believe everything they read on the Internet.  It's good because dealerships that deserve to be crucified can be.  I guess you'll just need to take them with a grain of salt, though it is possible that competing dealerships can sling mud at eachother.

Get A Deal

After getting the information that you need about a car you'd like to try out, and heading out to dealerships in your area for a test drive, it's time to find a deal on your dream car.  That's where their TIP (True Inernet Price) service comes in.

True Internet Price

The TIP service puts you in contact with dealers in your area that sell the make and model of the car that you want. Once you've plugged in the make and model, you can then further customize your choice by year and configuration, even color.  You'll be able to see MSRP as well as Invoice Pricing on the vehicle you're looking for so that you know if the dealer is BS'ing you if they say they're only making $100 on the sale. Ready to pull the trigger? Punch in your info so that dealers in your area can give you their rock bottom pricing. 

Autotropolis works directly with those dealers in your area to get you the best prices so you don't have to shop around.  But what if you want to shop around?  No problem!  You're under no obligation to buy from any of the dealers so you can continue kicking tires if you want to, but at least you've got a price to work with if you feel like pulling the trigger and want to wheel and deal. Do keep in mind though, that if do request a quote, according to their privacy policy, the dealership will get your information, so near the end of the month when salespeople are hungry to make their quotas, you could get a call begging you for the sale.  Actually, this isn't such a bad thing because you can grind them for a LITTLE more 😉

What's the Verdict?

I haven't bought a car in over 7 years, but it doesn't mean that I'm not in the market. I'm always kicking tires. I'm actually starting to get that itch... Hmm... When I went shopping for my car, there wasn't nearly as much information out there on the Internet as there is today.  A service like the Car Dealership Finder could have saved me a lot of time and a lot of phone calls. It's just unfortunate the service isn't available North of the border, but our Southern neighbours now have another great tool at their disposal.  Instead of having to haggle for a price at every dealership, I could just pick a dealer that had a good rating and I'd already have a price I'd be willing to pay (or start negotiations at). Once I got there, I could do my final interview to make sure the dealership had the service level I was looking for.

As the service grows and includes more dealers, I can see this being a great starting point for new car buyers.  You'd have dealerships that rate well to start at and you'd have a price to begin your negotiations with.  Of course, you can still haggle if you want, but time is money, and if you can save that and get a reasonable price, I'd take that any day. Autotropolis is definitely off to a good start at trying to save people time, money, and from those Slimey Car Dealerships. It'll definitely force dealers to work harder and give better service. Hopefully, those Slimey Days are numbered.

More information never hurts when it comes time to spend your money. It's definitely easy to use, and their tools including a forum and blog are helpful. If you're in the market, give them a spin.