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Sweden vs Finland - Photos From The Women's 2010 Olympics Bronze Medal Hockey Game

Today, I had a chance to check out my first real Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics event. Kelly picked up tickets for the Women's Bronze Medal Hockey game featuring Sweden vs. Finland. We had decent seats about 17 rows behind the net and had a great time watching the "Battle of the Blondes" and indeed it was a battle. I've never seen such a scrappy hockey game. Girls were sitting on each other, punching each other and generally doing quite un-ladylike things. Rock on!

Previously, I've only been able to get tickets to a couple of victory ceremonies. The first ceremony was definitely the best as history was made when Alexandre Bilodeau was awarded the first Gold Medal won on home soil for Canada. The second was for snowboarding as Australia's Torah Bright took home gold.

Camped out with my 80 - 200 f/2.8 Nikon lens, I managed to squeeze off a few shots...

Before the game began, we had some guy banging on his drum to get the crowd psyched for the game ahead.

The seats were decent so I had some really good opportunities for great shots behind the net and in front of the net.

I also got to catch some pretty good shots of the goalies from Finland and Sweden scrambling for those big saves.

And of course, occasionally, the goalies don't get a couple and then there's a celebration.

Just because they're women, doesn't mean they can't play rough either!

I found out later that the Madame President of Finland, Tarja Halonen, was sitting in the box behind me the whole time. She was really getting into the game.

Finally, Finland won the day and their very first hockey medal of the Olympics. Both teams played exceptionally well though and I don't think anyone in the audience walked away disappointed. The girls hit hard, scrapped a lot, and played with skill.

If you like looking at Scandinavian blondes, do check out the gallery after the jump. I've got 81 pictures that I'm sure you'll enjoy :)

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Ayes The Bye That Built The Vancouver 2010 Atlantic Canada House

One of the many things that visitors will experience at the games are the many houses that feature countries taking part in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. In order to share the culture of Canada, the many regions of the country have taken it upon themselves to setup their own houses. One such region was the Atlantic Region of Canada which featured the New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Taking place on Granville Island, the Atlantic Canada House was actually split into two distinct areas: One area featured a food tasting at the Backstage Lounge where some of the best cuisine of the region was being sampled, while another area inside the Revue Stage featured a show that told the stories of the region. Although I didn't get in for the tasting, I did get in to see the show. Since they were shucking oysters just outside the show so it wasn't a total loss for getting a taste of Atlantic Canada.

After pigging out on raw Atlantic Oysters everyone was welcomed in to have a seat and get ready for a show. To be honest, the only thing I knew about Atlantic Canada was a bunch of tasteless "Newfie" jokes so I was looking forward to a bit more insight. Coincidentally, one of the projects that I'm working on for school this semester has to do with representing Atlantic Canada to the World so this would definitely add to the "primary research" that I would have to come up with for the project.

One of the things that the show revealed were the many celebrities that hail from the region. From Anne Murray (shown above) to Michael Smith to the Trailer Park boys and of course, Sidney Crosby, Atlantic Canada is known for more than just one armed Newfie jokes.

The show was made up of a group of performers that represented different regions of Atlantic Canada. Through each of their stories they painted a picture of growing up there as well as the beauty of the region, the friendliness of the people, and the distinct culture of the region. They also teased us with lobster stories. Mmm... Lobster.

They shared with us the love of their region through their music and their songs. Every one of these talented musicians played and sang their hearts out for the audience.

They even got the audience involved with some audience participation. They introduced us to a concept called the "Kitchen Party" in which wooden spoons were smacked and feet are tapped. Of course, everyone had a good time. They even had a dance off for us.

After the show, the crowd gave a standing ovation and everyone felt just a little more educated and appreciative of our most Eastern neighbours. The 40 minute show is well worth it and if you don't make it to the tasting, definitely check out the show and grab a few raw oysters if they still have any left.

I think I'll have to visit Atlantic Canada one day. I just hope they have enough lobster and oysters to keep me busy. More pictures after the jump!

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Theory of a Deadman Plays The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

After Friday's Victory Ceremony, Vancouver, BC's own Theory of a Deadman took the stage to try and show us that they didn't sound like Nickleback 2.0. I haven't listened to them since their first album and like many people, noticed that they sounded like proteges of Chad Kroeger. However, sounding like Nickleback isn't a bad thing if it gets you signed to a big contract and makes you a ton of money.

Although I was stuck in the very back row, I was able to fire off a few shots that turned out OK thanks to my Nikon 70-200 f/2.8. I was able to move down to the balcony for a few of the shots, but I was still nowhere near the band. The 22 buck cheap seats just don't give you that sort of access.

Unlike last Monday's Victory Ceremony headlined by a guy named Gregory Charles, Theory of a Deadman managed to keep the audience from leaving en masse. They really started to gather a crowd when they started playing their more and more Nickleback-like songs. They even attempted to cover Gun's and Roses "Paradise City" but they were just kidding. Of course the crowd knew all the words.

The band showed their Olympic Spirit by donning the Hockey Jerseys of their favourite Team Canada members.

Overall, Nickle...I mean...Theory of a Deadman put on an excellent show for the masses. Of course, more pictures after the jump.

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