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I might take a course or class now and again.

The 2014 Douglas College Marketing Practicum Students Dazzle Clients Again


Wasim from last year's 2013 Marketing Practicum Wave at Douglas College. Photo by Allan Schroeder.

For the last couple of years, I've had the opportunity to work with Douglas College and their Marketing Practicum students. And every year, we raise the bar just a little more.

This year, I had an opportunity advise the students on things that I think I know a thing or two about, including best practices for running and maintaining a website, social media, and one thing that I've gotten quite heavily into, which is video production. And while I've been able to spread my knowledge across nearly 9 groups of students (working in Trios), I was tasked with bringing three of those groups up a notch thanks to a partnership with Envision Financial and Douglas College.

The three groups were tasked with evaluating client needs, and matching them with actionable marketing strategies that included everything from traditional marketing methods, to the latest online methods through social media. I was very excited to be working with all three groups, which represented great organizations including SUCCESS, Tri-City Transitions, and Eagle Ridge Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop. But the most rewarding part of the semester was watching the students take on a task of creating a concept, a script, and helping to shoot the amazing videos below.

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Paralympic Athlete Andrea Holmes and the Vancouver 2010 Mascots Visit Douglas College


Last night, Paralympic Athlete Andrea Holmes brought her Vancouver 2010 mascot friends along to a special event at Douglas College, put on by the Douglas College Business Association. The event attracted both business students and faculty members interested in learning about the value of teamwork, goal settings and overcoming obstacles. I was there because someone offered me food to take pictures and you guys know how much I love food.

Andrea represented Canada in athletics from 2002 to 2007, and currently competes as a member of BC's Disabled Ski Team. She won a bronze medal in long jump at the Para-Pan American Games in 2007 and is a four-time long jump and three-time 100m Canadian champion. She also holds the Canadian record in high jump is also a paralympic hopeful for the Vancouver 2010 games.


Joining Andrea were the Vancouver 2010 mascots. Quatchi, Miga and the official Paralympic Mascot, Sumi all made it down to support Andrea and to spread some Olympic spirit around the Douglas New West Campus. Douglas' own "Roary the Lion" was also on hand to represent some school spirit.


I caught Quatchi snooping around the buffet table and confronted him. When I challenged him to an eat off for all the glory he ran away.


Andrea spoke strongly about her experiences as an athlete, student, life in general and her work with RBC and Lululemon. She also shared some great stories with us about growing up with a disability and how that made her the person she is today. Saying that she was inspiring is a bit of a cliche, so I'll just say that no matter how good my excuses are, they all suck compared to the obstacles that she has come across.

Thanks for the kick in the ass Andrea. More pictures after the jump.

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Things I Love About Glasscubes Online Collaboration Software

As some of you may be aware from my last random update post, I decided to head back to school to finish off a Marketing Management Diploma that I left behind ten years ago. Despite being extremely rusty at this whole academic thing, I managed to keep myself within the top five in both my classes this semester and even surprised myself with a top mid-term mark in my ever boring CRM (Customer Relationship Management) class. Not bad for an old fart! Do follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up to date on what sort of mischief I'm causing on campus. I've already been kicked off campus once ­čśë

Part of my success this time around I think has to do with the fact that I am paying for my own education. Since I'm invested financially, I'm just stupid to waste my own money. Overcoming my propensity to procrastinate has also been quite the challenge and with the importance of group projects, keeping in contact with other people that may not share the strange Dot Com Lifestyle Schedule has been interesting. That prompted me to hunt for an online collaboration tool that would allow me to keep in touch with everyone in my group and to share work and collaborate all without having to physically meet up. That search led me to Glasscubes.

Introducing Glasscubes


Through the power of Twitter, I was approached, or rather, tweeted by Sophie Le Brozec of Glasscubes. I tweeted that I was looking for a web based CRM system that could support my group for collaborating on our term project for Marketing Strategy. She suggested that we try out their new online collaboration software that launched on October 13th of this year.

Glasscubes is an online collaboration tool that incorporates aspects of CRM and Intranet. The software is available exclusively on the web and unlike other more complex CRM solutions, does not require you to install it on a server, or download a client to access it. The clean and inviting interface encourages you to explore and become productive almost immediately.

Glasscubes has created a video that shows off the interface and some of the cool features...

After spending the last couple weeks using with one of my class project teams who is working on some marketing strategy for a winery, I've quickly fallen in love with this very useful and affordable tool. Here are few things that I love most about this online tool for sharing, communicating and collaborating.

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Another Seemingly Random Set of Updates for Stephen Fung


I was cruising by my blog the other day and realized that I haven't updated here in over a month. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. It appears that Twitter has ruined me due to the instant gratification provided by a simple tweet out to my followers. I've also been quite busy with Futurelooks. As you may have noticed, there is a ton of new content over there and I hope you have a chance to head there and enjoy it. I will try to update here a little more often.

Yes, the picture above is me once again taking down something that is too large for a regular human being. They call it "Bob's Big Burger". I had it at some weird eatery that I've forgotten the name of while in Fort Saskatchewan for Fragapalooza. The menu"Dared Me to Finish It" so of course I finished it. There is apparently a bigger burger at some dinner which I will need to try next year.

Here are a few noteworthy points about what I've been up to in the last while...

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I'm Sort of Legal To Ride a Motorcycle Now

So this past Thursday, I had another Motorcycle Lesson with my instructor, Dave Clayton, at 2Wheel 2Ition Motorcycle School. First off, he obviously doesn't have super web design skills as evident by his website. However, what he lacks in Interwebs Skillz, he more than makes up for in being probably one of the most patient and thorough instructors of anything that I've ever been instructed in. Motorcycle riding is extremely dangerous if you lack the proper experience and education and I've felt safe riding with Dave every step of the way, from front wheel sliding in the parking lot and almost dumping the bike, to slightly wet pavement in the downtown core of Maple Ridge. Despite never being on a motorcycle, I certainly faired much better than a certain segway crasher.

The thing I've been particularly impressed with about Dave is how he keeps his cool even when his students lose it. This in turn makes his students feel at ease. I wonder if he could teach Kwanye to ride a scooter rather than crashing it? I guess after being on the Vancouver Police Force for thirty years he's seen it all, but I'll have to ask him if he's seen anyone bite it on a Segway in his long tenure on the force.

During the Thursday class, I met up with Dave again with one of the other students and we started the day with a road ride. We ended up doing a lot of turns with lots of stop signs in the suburbs of Maple Ridge including a lot of hill starts and U-Turns. When we got back to the parking lot, he setup cones and he ran us through the Motorcycle Skills Test that we'd be going through to get my restrictions pulled off my license so that I could ride by myself during the day without any supervision. This would of course open up the doors to shopping for a successor to Scooter.

After about half an hour or so of practicing, he informs us that the Motorcycle Skills Tester would be stopping by to do our test. I wasn't nervous since I was doing pretty good in my low speed maneuvers, but a little notice would have been nice. Wasting no more time panicking, I continued to practice as we waited for the tester to arrive. About half an hour later, tester shows up and it's show time.

With none of the students willing to volunteer, Dave volunteers the other student. I breathe a huge sigh of relief. Not going first also allows me to observe what the tester is watching for and what things the other rider screws up on. About 20 minutes later, she passes within the maximum allowable amount of demerits. Relief for her. Great anticipation for me. The tester beckons me to take my spot at the line and runs through the first part of the test with me verbally. Part one of the test includes a slow, walking pace ride, a stop, then a u-turn in a box not much bigger than two parking spots and then a slalom through some cones.

I run through the first part of the test carefully and make it through. I'm relieved. The tester goes through the second part of the test and I'm off again. Since the second part is the same as the first, but with a left hand turn to start, I feel pretty good and complete the course and return to the starting area. Next up was the third part and then the final part.

Part three consists of a quick acceleration to about 25 - 30 KM/h, then a wide sweeping right hand turn. At the completion of the turn, you are to accelerate up to 20 - 25 KM/h to a set of cones and then stop before the second set of cones. You are not to stop until the tester says so. I do the acceleration, the right hand sweeper, and accelerate up to 20 - 25 KM/h and wait for the testers signal. At the first set of cones, the instructor dropped his hand and I came to a controlled stop. Not bad. I thought I almost slid the rear wheel which is a demerit. I couldn't recall.

Part four is the same as the third part, except you start the straight line acceleration with a wide right hand turn. I made the turn, accelerated, hit the sweeper, and then came down the straight stretch to the controlled stop area. The tester drops his hand, I grab the front, then the rear brake and come down for a controlled stop. Perfect. To add to the great finish, the tester tallies up my total and declares that I've done the whole test perfectly, with no mistakes. He signs off my test form and gives it to me so that I can take it to ICBC to have my restrictions removed.

Since I rode Scooter in, I twisted his throttle as far as it could go and did a little over the speed limit so I could make it to the ICBC Office to have my license updated. After my license was updated, you get a new piece of yellow paper that limits you only to riding between dawn and dusk. Since getting my license updated, I've been out looking at motorcycles and scooters and I've narrowed the list down somewhat. I have one more test ride tomorrow and then I'll share my final choices with you guys.