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The Kam Do Mixed Grill Feast Fest...Festival?!


So right after the LG Texting Championships, it was time to head to Kam Do so that we could welcome a new member into the Kam Do Mixed Grill Hall of Fame. As you all know, I'm the only member of this club and it's tough finding anyone to keep up with me. This event would be called the "Kam Do Mixed Grill Feast Fest...umm...Festival". ย At least that's what John Chow called it which kind of fits seeing as both that name and the event became one big disaster for oneย Leo Chiang. Let's check out the highlights in glorious HD!

After enthusiastically decreeing that he would finish this massive meal for immortal men, Leo went out a little too fast, trying to outpace me, making the going tougher than it should have been. As they say in Fast and Furious: Too soon junior. That's why I never called this a contest because if this was for speed, we'd both be outside puking it all up before the half way mark.

The Kam Do Mixed Grill Challenge requires patience and strategy in order to get the job done. This has served me well for the three times that I've finished it (counting this time). Unfortunately, Leo was 300ml and a mango pudding away from joining this most prestigious club. Again, I standalone as the only one that has completed it not once...but three times. Is there a monster meal that you swear nobody could finish? I'd like to hear about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

2009 LG Canadian Texting Championships - Vancouver Media Challenge


Yesterday, I headed out to Richmond Center Mall with our favourite background extra, Leo Chiang for the Vancouver stop of the LG Canadian Texting Championships. This special event was put on for local media and a prize of $1000 was put up for grabs. The winner would get to donate it to a charity of their choice. Also competing was John Chow, Buzz Bishop from Virgin 953 and April Smith from Aha Media. Check out the video below for a taste of the excitement:

Our friend Buzz Bishop returned to win this year's event with a time of 13:454. The fastest time in Canada was 5:67 so it's like being the best of the worst. But then again, a win is a win and LG owes Buzz a 10 second car...or that check for $1000 to his charity which is Team Diabetes. Here are the official results from the Vancouver Stop...


As Leo said, he also came to challenge for a spot in the Kam Do Mixed Grill Challenge Hall of Fame. It is true, I am the only one of the Dot Com Pho Crew that has survived and conquered this meal not only once, but twice. Stay tuned for the video to find out whether or not Leo lives or dies.

Dot Com Pho After Hours - Fast and Furious Edition

This week you get a two for one deal. An After Hours Double Feature, extended cut if you will.

Since there simply wasn't enough footage last week with just Leo Chiang and me at Dot Com Turk After Hours, we decided to just film what we ate and include it into this weeks video. I hope you're hungry folks because we both ate over thirty dollars worth of food each. Leo is going to come out to Kam Do for lunch later this week to attempt the Legendary Mixed Grill. Will Leo join me in the Kam Do Hall of Fame? Or will he blow chunks in the parking lot? You'll have to stay tuned!

At this week's Dot Com Pho After Hours we welcome some familiar faces back including John Chow who is back from answering war crimes against Pandas in China, and Michael Kwan, who is happy to not be freezing his ass off in Edmonton. We get a look at the Kindle 2 for our gadget segment, we discuss the Segway and why Michael should not ride one (but he could ride the new GM PUMA).

We also engage in banter with Ed Lau about why he thinks the Subaru STI sounds like a car the Swedish Chef built?! Also uncovered is the Mystery of John Dory on Hells Kitchen and we recite many quotes from the Fast and Furious movie franchise and give away some posters. Enjoy!

If you'd like to win my last "Fast and Furious: New Models. Original Parts." poster, just like the one Ed Lau and Michael Kwan got, make a comment in this post with YOUR favourite Fast and Furious quote from any of the movies in the franchise. I'll randomly draw for it sometime next week.

Dot Com Pho After Hours - The Fender Bender Edition

Although there were no car accidents, yours truly did go on a food bender and scarfed down a breakfast that the owner of Fenders Restaurant thought could take me down. He said that men larger than I could not finish the meal he recommended. He was sorely mistaken and was surprised and humbled when he came back to see that ALL the food was gone. Just like everyone was sorely mistaken about me not being able to take down the infamous Kam Do Mixed Grill. When it comes to food, don't bet me unless you want to lose ๐Ÿ˜‰

This week was a smaller turn out but we still managed to turn out seven minutes of Dot Com Pho After Hours entertainment that we know you will enjoy. Leo Chiang is on deck to talk about his exploits as a SciFi star, Ed Lau talks about my food exploits, and I do what I do best: Eat. Michael Kwan also makes an appearance in Kwan's Korner (or is it "Kworner"?) with another exciting gadget that will change your life.

You might be wondering where John Chow is? Well, he's still stuck in China awaiting trial for crimes against the national animal: The Noble Panda. If you're from the PETA, you might also want to check out his lobster disrespecting video. Yes, he did it again. He's a repeat offender and he will offend again!

See you all next week! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dot Com Pho After Hours Heads to Cloverdale

Sometimes we end up in the middle of nowhere by accident and sometimes on purpose. Whether it's because you had a flat tire, or run out of gas, we always end up there sooner or later. Yesterday, we ended up there (as in nowhere) for another thrilling Dot Com Pho After Hours adventure!

This week, nowhere had a name and it was Cloverdale, which is sometimes the backdrop to popular TV shows like Smallville and Supernatural. I guess if they screw up and blow up the town by accident, it's not such a big deal. It's also close to where our Pho Phriends Gary Jones and Rainer Schmoll live. Since they often come out to Pho in Vancouver, enduring the long drive, it was only honorable that we come out and do an episode there at least once...and we could never do this with John Chow around as it would violate his five minute rule. Five minutes as in how long it would take him to drive from his house.

I thought I was alone till Ed Lau showed up...late as usual. But I have to give him props for showing. I did page Leo Chiang, but he said he was...umm...working. I think that was his code for "Fracking a Six" as he is, after all, our friendly neighborhood "Raptor Wrangler" on Battlestar Galactica. I'm sure being on the last episode got him some "play". This week is also the episode where Michael Kwan returns in another thrilling "Kwan's Korner" segment. Enjoy!

I think this is all the adventure I can take for a while. This weekend, we're coming back to Vancouver and I feel like hitting a greasy diner. Any suggestions?