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How Coffee Is Made - The El Trapiche Coffee Plantation Tour in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Ever wonder how coffee is made? On a trip to Costa Rica last year, I found out just how it's done. I took a tour of the El Trapiche Plantation in Monteverde, Costa Rica and they showed us just how the process is done. With my daughter Lexi strapped to my chest in a Baby Bjorn, I managed to get as much footage as I could to put together the video below. Enjoy!

It's interesting to hear that Costa Rican people don't actually do any of the picking. Much of the labor comes from neighbouring countries. It was definitely cool to see how the wake up juice of most Internet entrepreneurs is made.

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I Flatlined at Hog Shack Cookhouse's Flat Line Burger Challenge

This past Saturday during our regular DotComPho time, we decided to change venues. But this new venue had a food challenge. Of course, being the one who tackled the 12 Egg Omelet, 4 lb Bowl of Pho, and Burritozilla, I stepped up to the plate to take on Hogshack's Flatline Burger Challenge; a monster two patty double burger topped with two individual grilled cheese sandwhiches that replace your standard garden variety buns. If your maths are up to snuff, that's four slices of thick bread and cheddar cheese inside. Add to that two more slices of cheese to cover the individual patties, special home made mayo, four thick cut tomato slices and romaine lettuce and you have a very tall order. more thing...

The challenge dictates that you need to take a side dish. That could be their awesome hand cut fries or a garden or caesar salad. But the kicker of this challenge is time: 5 minutes is all you get to complete this meal. If you take it all down in the challenge time, you get it for free!

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ASUS Sends an Early Xmas Gift

Today I got a package from ASUS, those guys that make netbooks and motherboards. Since I've gotten packages in the past from companies like ASUS, I thought this was just another piece of hardware that was in need of reviewing. We do often get things just showing up on our doorstep and I was just going to toss it into the pile to check out after Xmas till I opened it up and saw that it was just a little more special than what we normally come across.

The package was stacked five tiers tall and held together with an elaborate bow. It was like one of those fancy wedding cakes. The bow was topped off with a snowflake encrusted with sparkles. I know that ASUS has been experimenting with the unboxing experience with some of their products but nothing this elaborate. Could it be a prototype EeePC or maybe a new media player, cellphone or piece of hardware? I was excited.

I took the bow off and saw that it consisted of five boxes of different sizes. I was leaning towards it being a new cellphone because obviously we need boxes for a charger, case and probably other accessories. Since BC is cracking down on driving and cellphone use, maybe it was an assortment of ASUS' latest cellphone gadgets?

I started with the smallest box and found some chocolates inside from Cheryl&Co, makers of high end gourmet brownies, cakes and fancy cookies, including seasonal cut-out cookies topped with a signature buttercream frosting. So of course, being me, I eat them and move on. But as I moved on, it revealed more and more tasty treats from Cheryl&Co but no gadgets. Hmm...

So here I am surrounded by some tasty treats. In fact, a quick look at the Cheryl&Co website revealed that this little slice of dessert/cookie heaven was in the $49 buck price range. This definitely isn't your typical COSTCO gift box of miscellaneous Xmas biscuits. Since I'm a bit of a connoisseur of all things edible I have to say that I'm quite taken back by just how tasty these high end treats are. Someone from ASUS was definitely reading my blog and knew how to butter up this Editor In Chief. More pics of this gift pack after the jump if you have a huge sweet tooth like me.

So as I'm sitting here stuffing my face with cookies, I'd like to take this chance to wish everyone Happy Holidays and  I hope that all your Xmas Wishes come true. Now go make me proud and demolish that Xmas Turkey, Stuffing and Ham :)

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