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Getting Connected With The BlinkMedia Crew

This past Thursday, members of the Dot Com Pho Crew went down to hang out with the BlinkMedia Works Crew, makers of the Canadian Tech TV show, GetConnected TV. In addition to the TV show, they also run business technology conferences, workshops and exclusive exhibitions. The event was a chance for the principals, AJ Vickery, Lindsay Smith & Mike Agerbo, to show off their studio and their operation.

They took care of all their guests with food, drinks and prizes throughout the night and the event was generally packed through the evening. Joining me was John Chow, Greg Morgan, Gary Ng and even our long lost friend, Ian Lee, who decided he owed me a ride downtown. We also bumped into Jeff Kee down there.

It looked like everyone was at the party except for missing in Deadmonton, Michael Kwan, and for some reason, even with the food and beautiful girls, Ed Lau was nowhere to be seen. We were concerned that he might have been kidnapped by Yakuza and tossed into an underground SUMO Wrestling ring. I think Leo Chiang was banging chicks or something.

They were also giving tours of their studio and doing interviews with guests onsite. Gary got interviewed by Mike Agerbo about his favourite topic: The iPhone of course! The interview went well and you can see it right here

Unfortunatley, John Chow tried to take over the show and that's when things got really ugly. We've always known that John liked balls and jamming to Rick Astley, but things just got worse from there...

With enough drinks in him, he then started hitting on men with handlebar moustaches under the disco ball. In a sick twisted way, it was for a good cause because this brings attention to the Movember Fundraising Event for Prostate Cancer. More pictures from this event after the jump...

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Dot Com Pho - Lemon Glass...Grass...Edition

This past Saturday another Dot Com Pho took place. This week, we invaded the Lemon Grass Restaurant in Richmond, based on Greg Morgan's recommendation. If you remember, Greg Morgan suggested that we check out a restaurant called Cuu Long in Vancouver, which we thought was mediocre at best. However, the "Big Cock Marketer" showed up this week so let's see if it stacks up. Upon entering, I deja vu feeling and I was right: It used to be a greek restaurant. Apparently they moved up the street and the new owners turned it into a Vietnamese Restaurant, though I think Lemon Grass is more of a Thai ingredient.

In addition to Greg Morgan, we of course had John Chow, Ray, Wolfgang and picking up the video producing duties this week, Ed Lau. Also joining us this week were Rory Hansen, Heather, who owns the longest URL in existence, Crystal, and Timothy Sykes, author of An American Hedge Fund along with Adarsh who is, coincidentally, Greg's neighbour.

This week's episode of Dot Com Pho includes our commentary on how much the new MacBook sucks, our first Dot Com Booze of the week (thanks Buzz!), a rich Zinfandel from California called Cellar#8, our gadget of the week, which, unfortunately, we have no clue who gave it to us, and the joys of Motorboating in BC. Also featured this week is our continued Twitter shout outs. Enjoy!

I think that next week, it's Dot Com Bachelor Party for iPhone Gary as he's decided to throw the shackles on and pitch himself into the bottom less pit of marital bliss. But before that, he's gonna go out with a bang complete with stripper poles, debauchery and paintball.

The Phall Season Premiere of Dot Com Pho

People have been getting lives lately. I've decided to go back to school and throw a few weights over my head. Leo has been obsessed with skin jobs. Ed has been trying to show Greg Morgan how to be a real boy by taking him on a date in the park. Our friend Michael "Kwanye" Kwan has been trying to associate freelancing with good driving habits, which isn't such a good idea considering he crashed a segway which, according to an engineer, is impossible to do. I think iPhone Gary has an audio (the video part is fail) somewhere.

Finally, John Chow has been out feeding his ego at events where he is considered a celebrity. Hey, if people were willing to stroke me all day long and give me a MacBook Air, I'd go too. But then again, going to an event about blogging, to me, is like going to a convention about going to the bathroom. Everyone does it. Do you really need to setup an EXPO for it?

At any rate, today we got together for a Phall Premiere to the new Dot Com Pho Season. This week's episode ends up being a "John Chow Pho - John Chow...and some other people too" edition because somebody forgot to bring their camera (*COUGH*...ED). I don't *think* John tries to do that on purpose, but it's even possible he doesn't even know he's promoting himself anymore. John talks a lot, then there is something about Twitter and iPhones, and then we hand out a bunch of limited edition Dot Com Pho Pens (comment here to get some) courtesy of Tej at 1234PENS...and you might catch the rest of us in there somewhere...briefly...of course.  Ray and Wolfgang were also here this week while Kwanye is stuck in Deadmonton and Leo doesn't use twitter and I forgot to phone him...

I really wonder if that's better than a 10 minute video with mainly walking and the sound of Ed's voice in various monologues with rambling explanations of things. At least it "seems" like he tries to put some care into the "Never Ending Walking Sequences". But then again, John did make an effort this changing some of the WHITE FONT to a YELLOW FONT. Baby steps.