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Enter the Futurelooks and MEGATechNews GIGABYTE Motherboard Giveaway!

I had to push all the stuff that's over a year old off the front page so I figured I'd use the last spot to let you know about an amazing contest. The top prize is one of GIGABYTE's G1.Killer Assassin2 motherboards valued at $399 US!

Futurelooks and MEGATechNews have teamed up with GIGABYTE Technology to give away their flagship INTEL X79 motherboard. This board is aimed directly at hardcore gamers looking for an easy to setup, reliable, and purpose oriented board for their pwning needs. With enhanced networking, audio, and the ability to run up to three high end graphics cards, this board is an easy choice for a very high end gaming system build. It'll be even better if you win it.

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I Flatlined at Hog Shack Cookhouse's Flat Line Burger Challenge

This past Saturday during our regular DotComPho time, we decided to change venues. But this new venue had a food challenge. Of course, being the one who tackled the 12 Egg Omelet, 4 lb Bowl of Pho, and Burritozilla, I stepped up to the plate to take on Hogshack's Flatline Burger Challenge; a monster two patty double burger topped with two individual grilled cheese sandwhiches that replace your standard garden variety buns. If your maths are up to snuff, that's four slices of thick bread and cheddar cheese inside. Add to that two more slices of cheese to cover the individual patties, special home made mayo, four thick cut tomato slices and romaine lettuce and you have a very tall order. more thing...

The challenge dictates that you need to take a side dish. That could be their awesome hand cut fries or a garden or caesar salad. But the kicker of this challenge is time: 5 minutes is all you get to complete this meal. If you take it all down in the challenge time, you get it for free!

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Flip Flap Shows You How To Relax

Flip Flap has become quite the Dot Com Pho celebrity. People wonder who is he? How did he get here? Did Gigabyte make him? Well, only John Chow would ask if Gigabyte made him (of course not! DUH!). Today, I'm going to share with you one of his remarkable talents. The talent of complete relaxation. If you get into a situation where you are absolutely infuriated, just watch this clip and you'll calm down. Repeat as necessary.

If you think he's relaxing and soothing in a video, wait till you get the real deal in person. What? You mean you're giving away one Stephen? That's right! This month I'm giving away my beloved Flip Flap to ONE lucky person. Oh, and I'm giving away one of those iPod nano doodads too to another reader. If you want to be the new owner of Flip Flap, because owning Flip Flap is FTW, then enter today. You only have till July 1st, 2008!

Dot Com Pho - Flip Flap Edition and Giveaway!

In John Chow's absence, I was able to take over the production of the weekly Dot Com Pho Video again starting with the May 17th Edition and then the May 25th Edition. Since I shot the pilot episode, it was only natural for me to take on the task once again. Now that the whole crew is back in Canada (except for Ed Lau who is somewhere in Japan) it's time for another episode of Dot Com Pho!

Since I had gotten very used to doing the Dot Com Pho episodes over the last couple weeks and raising the quality level BACK to where I set it with the pilot, I wasn't ready to let go of producing them quite yet. John Chow has decided that it will be up to the readers whether he goes or I go, at least till he gets shipped off to Lincoln, Nebraska (aka Middle of Nowhere) for the Top Affiliate Challenge later this month.

In order to up my game, I changed the software I used and switched to the totally unfamiliar iMovie HD. Though more powerful, I found it quite a bit more difficult to use versus iMovie 08 so I had to fiddle quite a bit with it. In the end, the software is quite a bit more powerful, although I personally think iMovie 08 has the potential to be better with new plugins down the road.

So what's your favourite Dot Com Pho Crew up to this week? Tune in with John Chow, Michael Kwan, Greg Morgan, Gary Ng and me to find out!  To kick things off, hot off the YouTubes, is my version of the Dot Com Pho - Flip Flap Edition...

For a different point of view altogether, here is John Chow's Flip Flap Edition. Same day, same people, but totally different editing...

So do I get a break next week? Or do you want me to keep going until I get sick of it? Only you can decide!

Oh...and One More Thing...

As an incentive, I'm going to use this opportunity to start a new contest!

If you leave your comment on this post about who should live to edit another day, I'll enter you into a draw for an "UNBRANDED" iPod nano 4GB Silver that I won at the ZOTAC Party! Unlike the one that Market Leverage is giving away through John Chow this month, this iPod nano is free from any branding nonsense so that you can enjoy it as you please and if you are Chinese, you can even re-gift it properly because it doesn't have your blog name or Market Leverage's name on it. Yay!

To increase your chances of winning, you will get one additional entry if you provide another unique comment on my video's YouTube Page and if you blog about this contest and leave a trackback, you'll receive another FIVE entries just because I said so for a total of SEVEN lucky entries! WOW! If your trackback doesn't show, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments on this post.

To sweeten the pot further, everyone that participates in any of the aforementioned methods will be entered once to win my beloved "Flip Flap" because it's "Flip Flap" FTW! Market Leverage doesn't have one. John Chow doesn't have one. But I have one and it could be yours! Contest closes July 1st on Canada's Birthday and is open to anywhere that snail mail goes.

Good luck and Have Fun! 😀

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners! Check this post to see if it is you!

Time To Giveaway The Samsung 20 Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor and 4GB MP3 Player!

This week marks the final episode of Futurelooks Eight Crazy Weeks of Giveaways. Backed up by Samsung Canada, Futurelooks will be giving away a Samsung 206BW 20 Inch LCD Monitor and a Samsung YP-K5 4GB MP3 Audio Player.  The Samsung monitor won Futurelooks' Editors' Choice Award and is highly prized by its many owners for its great looks and excellent picture quality.  The YP-K5 has a really cool trick if you check out the Final Week Contest Page. Don't worry, the player we are giving away is NOT the same one in the video.  It's also one of few MP3 players out on the market that has built in stereo speakers while being no bigger than a small cellphone.  It also don't sound half bad for pint sized speakers.

Because it is the final segment of the eight week contest, we've extended the entry date till December 16th, 2007.  To get entered to win, go check out the Final Week Contest Page.