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Another Seemingly Random Set of Updates for Stephen Fung


I was cruising by my blog the other day and realized that I haven't updated here in over a month. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. It appears that Twitter has ruined me due to the instant gratification provided by a simple tweet out to my followers. I've also been quite busy with Futurelooks. As you may have noticed, there is a ton of new content over there and I hope you have a chance to head there and enjoy it. I will try to update here a little more often.

Yes, the picture above is me once again taking down something that is too large for a regular human being. They call it "Bob's Big Burger". I had it at some weird eatery that I've forgotten the name of while in Fort Saskatchewan for Fragapalooza. The menu"Dared Me to Finish It" so of course I finished it. There is apparently a bigger burger at some dinner which I will need to try next year.

Here are a few noteworthy points about what I've been up to in the last while...

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The Kam Do Mixed Grill Feast Fest...Festival?!


So right after the LG Texting Championships, it was time to head to Kam Do so that we could welcome a new member into the Kam Do Mixed Grill Hall of Fame. As you all know, I'm the only member of this club and it's tough finding anyone to keep up with me. This event would be called the "Kam Do Mixed Grill Feast Fest...umm...Festival".  At least that's what John Chow called it which kind of fits seeing as both that name and the event became one big disaster for one Leo Chiang. Let's check out the highlights in glorious HD!

After enthusiastically decreeing that he would finish this massive meal for immortal men, Leo went out a little too fast, trying to outpace me, making the going tougher than it should have been. As they say in Fast and Furious: Too soon junior. That's why I never called this a contest because if this was for speed, we'd both be outside puking it all up before the half way mark.

The Kam Do Mixed Grill Challenge requires patience and strategy in order to get the job done. This has served me well for the three times that I've finished it (counting this time). Unfortunately, Leo was 300ml and a mango pudding away from joining this most prestigious club. Again, I standalone as the only one that has completed it not once...but three times. Is there a monster meal that you swear nobody could finish? I'd like to hear about it! :)

Dot Com Pho After Hours - Double Feature Presentation

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since my last update. You see, I've been trapped in this world called the "Twitterverse". If you're following me, you'll probably see that I've been quite active over there. In fact, most of the time, I've already worked off my ranting and opinions which used to be exclusively the domain of my blog. I'm pretty sure it's just a phase so once I get bored of it, I'll probably come back to my rock which is my blog here. I'm actually mostly busy with Futurelooks though as we've been having quite a bunch of new reviews and articles go up in the last while.

At any rate, I haven't stopped with heading out to Dot Com Pho and this week, while John Chow has been imprisoned by Chinese Authorities, I've brought the Dot Com Crew to my own backyard of Coquitlam, BC. It was actually here last week, but not enough footage was shot, so I've combined last week and this week's meet ups together into a Dot Com Pho After Hours - Double Feature Presentation! That's right! You're getting two for the price of one!

It's really nice to get out of a routine and explore new places. Even though people don't call their meet ups "Dot Com Pho" it doesn't mean that other peeps don't have meet ups too. It was really cool to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and see what others are up to besides your favourites from the usual Dot Com Pho pool of favourites.

Next week, I'll be heading out to Cloverdale to check in with Gary Jones and Rainer Schmoll to see what's happening in their backyard. As you've seen in the video, they've been doing their fitness challenge so we'll get to meet other participants in their ThinkFitness Challenge. We'll also have the return of Michael Kwan with a quick gadget segment. Till next week!