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Cool KYMCO Scooter Ad from Taiwan...

In North America, KYMCO isn't that well known of a brand name. However, in places like Taiwan, they are considered one of the cooler brands, especially when it comes to Scooters. Now I know that some of you don't equate "cool" with "scooters" but I thought it was pretty interesting to see the effort that this company puts into their branding...

The scooter in the ad is called the KYMCO Racing 150. It's sort of a factory riced out version of my KYMCO Bet&Win 150, but with sport suspension and some other performance upgrades. However, I find it highly unlikely that it could really chase down a Ferrari no matter how many degrees it can bank a corner at. But then again, traffic rules are really suggestions in Taiwan. Go Scooter!

Completely Random Things - Presidential Election 08 Edition

So today is the day that Americans decide whether Obama wins or McCain wins. Although much of the planet is already pulling for some "Barack and Roll" in the White House, it seems that there are some rather interesting opinions about the World Favourite in these elections. For example, my McFast and McFurious post has unearthed some interesting opinions about the candidates in the comments. I would have never thought in a million years that anyone would want Sarah Palin in the White House. Remember, no whining or bitching if you don't cast your ballot.

Legal To Ride

So on a rainy and blustery Halloween, I did my final road test and passed with flying colours. The lady at the desk commented on how little was on my test sheet when I went up to sign off for my new Class 5/6 license. I did go into the test with a lot of confidence and it looks like that was reflected in my riding. Prior to my test, my instructor, Dave Clayton of 2Wheel2Ition Motorcycle School did say that I was by far the best rider in his final wave of riders for 2008 and that meant a lot. Since I knew that a three of his other students that were testing today were RCMP officers, I just couldn't help but smile.

My learning to ride a motorcycle journey is over. All the restrictions from my motorcycle learners license have been removed and I'm now able to ride anytime I want, not just before dusk. Where this license will take me in two wheel transport, I'm not sure, but I did pick up a bigger scooter recently and have been enjoying the scooter lifestyle. The weather has been getting colder and I'll be sure to give you guys a quick post on how I'm staying toasty warm and dry on the roads.

If you're looking for someone that is willing to take the necessary amount of time to teach you to ride with confidence, I recommend Dave Clayton. He's got a waiting list forming for next season so make sure you head to his website and get on that list. He'll be firing up the bikes again in April 2009.

Kelly Raises $2600 for Her Olympic Weightlifting Coach!

This past weekend, Kelly held an Olympic Weightlifting Clinic at the CrossFit Vancouver Gym. She had modest hopes of being able to at least raise a grand or two for her coach to be able to bring his family over from Nigeria. With the help of the CrossFit community, she was able to raise over $2600 to help reunite her coach with his family, who he hasn't seen in over five years. Well done!

Her next clinic will be on November 22nd if you want to come learn how to chuck huge weights over your head without injury. This session is capped at 10 people so make sure you sign up early.

Kam Do Celebrates Thirteen Years of Cheap Food

Kam Do Restaurant is one of Richmonds best kept secrets for food that is so cheap that it gives the Union Gospel Mission a run for its money. Yesterday, I took a detour to go visit John Chow and family and was feeling rather peckish so we decided to head there for lunch.

Now, John knows better than to bet me that I can't finish a meal. Even iPhone Gary knows better, especially after witnessing my performance in tackling the Great Feenie Burger. The Dot Com Crew knows that betting against me in a food eating contest is like betting against the grass being green. I thought I put those silly throughts to rest when I destroyed two Wally Burgers and a TOPS Burger in the same day, but John had to tempt fate. He said I couldn't do it.

To be honest, after this mountain of food arrived along with an unpictured plate of fries, which I also finished, I actually doubted myself. But as I built momentum, it was clear that I would be PWN'ing the largest item on the Kam Do menu. Even the smallest item is bigger than most people can handle. Since it was their 13th Anniversary, they were even doing free refills so I made sure I got in a free refill of my Chilled Yin Yeung. Are there no meals that can defeat me? We call this my "Obama Victory Lunch".

After killing this one, I took the 25% of my meal that they were giving back as a bakery credit, and bought two almond cookies and two egg tarts...for later. Kam Do is also giving away $1000 CAD in a draw later this month. I just wish they let me put in my own ballot so I could use my patented can't lose method.

T-Shirts For a Dot Com Scooter Lifestyle

Vespa Vancouver was having a sale on scooter T-Shirts this month so I decided to scooter on down and see what it was all about. Here are a few I picked up...

This one is designed by the folks at Robotribe and is called Machine vs. Monster. The Monster is big oil and the machine to stop it is the scooter. 

Robotribe also created this one, which is more self explanatory. Called Rally On! this design celebrates all scooters, whether Japanese, Italian or Taiwanese. The more the merrier. Rally On I guess?

Finally, this last T-shirt isn't from Robotribe. Actually, I have no clue which company came up with the design, but apparently, this emblem is from the real American Motor Scooter Association that existed in the 50's and 60's. These will go great with my Battlescooter T-shirt. Rally On!