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Cool KYMCO Scooter Ad from Taiwan...

In North America, KYMCO isn't that well known of a brand name. However, in places like Taiwan, they are considered one of the cooler brands, especially when it comes to Scooters. Now I know that some of you don't equate "cool" with "scooters" but I thought it was pretty interesting to see the effort that this company puts into their branding...

The scooter in the ad is called the KYMCO Racing 150. It's sort of a factory riced out version of my KYMCO Bet&Win 150, but with sport suspension and some other performance upgrades. However, I find it highly unlikely that it could really chase down a Ferrari no matter how many degrees it can bank a corner at. But then again, traffic rules are really suggestions in Taiwan. Go Scooter!

Completely Random Things - Presidential Election 08 Edition

So today is the day that Americans decide whether Obama wins or McCain wins. Although much of the planet is already pulling for some "Barack and Roll" in the White House, it seems that there are some rather interesting opinions about the World Favourite in these elections. For example, my McFast and McFurious post has unearthed some interesting opinions about the candidates in the comments. I would have never thought in a million years that anyone would want Sarah Palin in the White House. Remember, no whining or bitching if you don't cast your ballot.

Legal To Ride

So on a rainy and blustery Halloween, I did my final road test and passed with flying colours. The lady at the desk commented on how little was on my test sheet when I went up to sign off for my new Class 5/6 license. I did go into the test with a lot of confidence and it looks like that was reflected in my riding. Prior to my test, my instructor, Dave Clayton of 2Wheel2Ition Motorcycle School did say that I was by far the best rider in his final wave of riders for 2008 and that meant a lot. Since I knew that a three of his other students that were testing today were RCMP officers, I just couldn't help but smile.

My learning to ride a motorcycle journey is over. All the restrictions from my motorcycle learners license have been removed and I'm now able to ride anytime I want, not just before dusk. Where this license will take me in two wheel transport, I'm not sure, but I did pick up a bigger scooter recently and have been enjoying the scooter lifestyle. The weather has been getting colder and I'll be sure to give you guys a quick post on how I'm staying toasty warm and dry on the roads.

If you're looking for someone that is willing to take the necessary amount of time to teach you to ride with confidence, I recommend Dave Clayton. He's got a waiting list forming for next season so make sure you head to his website and get on that list. He'll be firing up the bikes again in April 2009.

Kelly Raises $2600 for Her Olympic Weightlifting Coach!

This past weekend, Kelly held an Olympic Weightlifting Clinic at the CrossFit Vancouver Gym. She had modest hopes of being able to at least raise a grand or two for her coach to be able to bring his family over from Nigeria. With the help of the CrossFit community, she was able to raise over $2600 to help reunite her coach with his family, who he hasn't seen in over five years. Well done!

Her next clinic will be on November 22nd if you want to come learn how to chuck huge weights over your head without injury. This session is capped at 10 people so make sure you sign up early.

Kam Do Celebrates Thirteen Years of Cheap Food

Kam Do Restaurant is one of Richmonds best kept secrets for food that is so cheap that it gives the Union Gospel Mission a run for its money. Yesterday, I took a detour to go visit John Chow and family and was feeling rather peckish so we decided to head there for lunch.

Now, John knows better than to bet me that I can't finish a meal. Even iPhone Gary knows better, especially after witnessing my performance in tackling the Great Feenie Burger. The Dot Com Crew knows that betting against me in a food eating contest is like betting against the grass being green. I thought I put those silly throughts to rest when I destroyed two Wally Burgers and a TOPS Burger in the same day, but John had to tempt fate. He said I couldn't do it.

To be honest, after this mountain of food arrived along with an unpictured plate of fries, which I also finished, I actually doubted myself. But as I built momentum, it was clear that I would be PWN'ing the largest item on the Kam Do menu. Even the smallest item is bigger than most people can handle. Since it was their 13th Anniversary, they were even doing free refills so I made sure I got in a free refill of my Chilled Yin Yeung. Are there no meals that can defeat me? We call this my "Obama Victory Lunch".

After killing this one, I took the 25% of my meal that they were giving back as a bakery credit, and bought two almond cookies and two egg tarts...for later. Kam Do is also giving away $1000 CAD in a draw later this month. I just wish they let me put in my own ballot so I could use my patented can't lose method.

T-Shirts For a Dot Com Scooter Lifestyle

Vespa Vancouver was having a sale on scooter T-Shirts this month so I decided to scooter on down and see what it was all about. Here are a few I picked up...

This one is designed by the folks at Robotribe and is called Machine vs. Monster. The Monster is big oil and the machine to stop it is the scooter. 

Robotribe also created this one, which is more self explanatory. Called Rally On! this design celebrates all scooters, whether Japanese, Italian or Taiwanese. The more the merrier. Rally On I guess?

Finally, this last T-shirt isn't from Robotribe. Actually, I have no clue which company came up with the design, but apparently, this emblem is from the real American Motor Scooter Association that existed in the 50's and 60's. These will go great with my Battlescooter T-shirt. Rally On!

Saying Goodbye and a New Dot Com Scooter Rises...

Since I got my full motorcycle learners license, I've been busy looking for a successor to my Yamah C3 scooter. The road was long and my ass is sore from riding so many different bikes over the last week, but the search is finally over. However, before I unveil the new leader of the Dot Com Scooter Gang, I'd like to take a moment to remember my 2007 Yamaha C3 scooter, known to everyone as Happy Scooter.

Happy Scooter came into my life on June 27th 2008. I originally purchased him to battle the overinflated gas prices and although he was quite successful in doing that, getting anywhere between 133 - 197 KM's per 4.5 Liter tank (at around $5.30 - 6.50 per fill up), it was clear that this little scooter had more personality than anything else on the market in the 50cc class. It wasn't the most powerful or the coolest looking, but the cavernous storage really caught my eye. For the same reason why I chose a Subaru Impreza Wagon over a sedan, I chose Happy Scooter: He was practical and was low maintenance and the extended ass end gave me a place to throw my crap.

Although he was pretty much ready to go out of the box, I made small upgrades to enhance his comfort and his usefulness. Later, I added even more practical touches, like a first aid kit that came in quite handy in patching up a certain Segway Crasher during Dot Com Scooter Gang, where Happy Scooter proudly led the Dot Com Crew around Vancouver, "Meep Meeping" happily along the way. During his first check up, Happy Scooter surprised me again as a quick variator weight upgrade gave him even more pep and power, showing off just how much heart his 49cc engine had. Although the Yamaha C3 currently lacks a good base of aftermarket parts, there are manufacturers stepping up and you'll see those parts in the very near future.

Despite his boxy demeanor, Happy Scooter comes with a formidable pedigree. His brother, a Blue 2007 Yamaha C3 Scooter owned by Mike and Keri went across Canada, from Vancouer to Barrie, this past Summer and travelled over 4486KM's on just $153.76 worth of gas. Happy Scooter was very excited to hear that.

This past week, while looking for a new Dot Com Scooter, I was also looking for the right person to adopt Happy Scooter. I thought that his new parent would be a mommy, but she fell victim to the charms of a free Honda Ruckus, a Scooter that doesn't hold a candle to Happy Scooter, but free is good. I went down the list of potential parents and found Chris, who just happened to be a fan of Happy Scooter and has been following his EPIC adventures around the lower mainland.

This past Tuesday, Chris became Happy Scooter's new Papa. Chris is a cool guy and I know he'll take good care of him. He has also promised to continue updating his Twitter account so that all his fans can continue to witness his EPIC scootering adventures as he moves from Port Moody to Vancouver. Knowing that Happy Scooter has a good home and a good Papa means that I'm now free to take delivery of my new scooter friend...

The next day after completing the adoption with Happy Scooter, I went down to the Vancouver KYMCO dealership, Rideaway Motors, to pick up the new leader of the Dot Com Scooter Gang. Instead of going back to Happy Scooter's family, Yamaha, I decided to cast a wider net and rode all sorts of different scooters from different companies and finally settled on something from the land of the crazy scooters. We're talking Taiwan of course. It also helped that the crew at Rideaway Motors gave me a great deal and were very helpful with the whole purchase process. If you are looking for a KYMCO Scooter in Vancouver, definitely go see them.

I am now the proud owner of a 2007 KYMCO Bet&Win 150 Scooter. Except for the weird name and the really red paint job, I immediately connected with the ride of this scooter. On the test ride I was really impressed with the quick and nimble handling and the acceleration; things that keep scooters from becoming carnage in the land of Taiwan where scooters are a way of life. In fact, I'm sure I've almost been run over by a couple of them over there.

I'm going to take a few more days to get acquainted with my new scooter. I haven't even named him yet, though I have noticed that he does 110 KM/h on the Barnet Hwy and has frickin' heat vents to keep you warm, near the steering column. I'm serious. While it was easy to figure out Happy Scooter's personality and give him a name, it's not so clear with this new scoot. He's really red and really quick, but I don't want to call him "The Flash" or something. I wasn't sure about the color initially, particularly because it would be parked beside my red Subaru Impreza Wagon, which IMHO is a bit tacky, but oh well. Welcome Home New Scooter.

The Motorcycle and Scooter Dilemma

Since testing and passing for my full learners motorcycle license, I've been presented with a bit of a problem. I'm torn between whether I should get a new motorcycle or buy a bigger scooter. Here's how it played out based on my criteria...

Parking - One of the things that is awesome about a scooter is that I can pretty much put it wherever I want. It's like RockStar parking wherever I go. The change to a motorcycle will not only get me noticed, but the parking cops and the mall security people start to notice too. Right now, with Happy Scooter, I can stick it beside a bike rack, go away for hours. I know I couldn't do that with a motorcycle. Point for new scooter.

Storage - Happy Scooter has crazy amounts of storage. You can hold two bags of groceries in the cavernous trunk. Motorcycles have no trunks and if you need additional storage, you need to add hard cases and top cases, making the vehicle fatter, heavier, and even more difficult to maneuver in super tight spots. All scooters have varying degrees of underseat storage and some scooters have hooks on the front for your groceries. Since I often have stuff to pick up at the post office, or errands to do, the added bulk and cost of adding storage cases put the motorcycle in the dog house. Point for new scooter.

Performance - Although most motorcycles are much more powerful than scooters, their size and weight make them hard to maneuver in tight traffic. Motorcycles also have additional controls for the clutch and a foot brake. A scooter is comparatively simple, only requiring you to twist the throttle and the CVT transmission takes care of the rest. Front and rear brakes are both on the bars, making them easy to reach in a panic. This puts less distractions in front of you when jockeying for position in the city traffic. Outside the city however, the added weight and power of a motorcycle gives way to highway stability and headroom for passing slow moving cars and staying out of the way of large trucks. Since I'll be mainly traversing urban highways and battling traffic in the city, the scooter makes more sense in my case. Draw: A scooter is better in the city but the motorcycle is better outside the city.

Gas Mileage - A motorcycle, displacement for displacement, gets lower gas mileage than any scooter. The CVT transmission always shifts at the optimum RPM and as a result, the engine is more efficent. We know that blipping the throttle, taking off in a lower gear and what not is a lot of fun, but it doesn't make for the best gas mileage. Since one of my major reasons for getting into two wheeled transport in the first place was to stick it to the oil companies, it's clear that scooter wins. Point for scooter.

Cool Factor - Of course, scooters are dorky as hell in North America. However, in the rest of the world, they are the mode of transportation of choice for the masses. When I selected my Yamaha C3 scooter, I knew that it wasn't the looker. Some thought it was ugly, and no one called it pretty. However, it was definitely functional. Since I'm all about utility these days, the scooter works for me, but cool factor definitely belongs to a bad ass cruiser anyday of the week. Point for Motorcycle.

At the end of the day though, I turned to two wheeled transport for the practical aspects. I save nearly enough money in gas each month to purchase an Xbox 360 (Arcade) and I get to park wherever the hell I want. Most of the time I don't even have to pay even though everyone else does. Although I can't rule out getting a motorcycle in the future, for now, scooter FTW.