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Dot Com Pho After Hours - Fast and Furious Edition

This week you get a two for one deal. An After Hours Double Feature, extended cut if you will.

Since there simply wasn't enough footage last week with just Leo Chiang and me at Dot Com Turk After Hours, we decided to just film what we ate and include it into this weeks video. I hope you're hungry folks because we both ate over thirty dollars worth of food each. Leo is going to come out to Kam Do for lunch later this week to attempt the Legendary Mixed Grill. Will Leo join me in the Kam Do Hall of Fame? Or will he blow chunks in the parking lot? You'll have to stay tuned!

At this week's Dot Com Pho After Hours we welcome some familiar faces back including John Chow who is back from answering war crimes against Pandas in China, and Michael Kwan, who is happy to not be freezing his ass off in Edmonton. We get a look at the Kindle 2 for our gadget segment, we discuss the Segway and why Michael should not ride one (but he could ride the new GM PUMA).

We also engage in banter with Ed Lau about why he thinks the Subaru STI sounds like a car the Swedish Chef built?! Also uncovered is the Mystery of John Dory on Hells Kitchen and we recite many quotes from the Fast and Furious movie franchise and give away some posters. Enjoy!

If you'd like to win my last "Fast and Furious: New Models. Original Parts." poster, just like the one Ed Lau and Michael Kwan got, make a comment in this post with YOUR favourite Fast and Furious quote from any of the movies in the franchise. I'll randomly draw for it sometime next week.

I Made It To SeaTac Airport in a Frickin' Blizzard

I'll let the video do the talking...

The video was done using the built in FlipShare video app on the Flip Mino HD which I will be thoroughly thrashing in Mexico. The software isn't bad and allows you to do quicky and dirty edits and uploads. However, it lacks a lot of basic things, including a way to reduce the size of the font.

Hopefully if this Interweb connection stays stable, I can continue blogging from the airport till my flight leaves. The conditions are still pretty bad right now and I know that a lot of planes have been diverted to Spokane due to the weather. The planes are just sitting on the tarmac, waiting to take off to SeaTac and some of the planes can't land, so they are just circling the runway. The passengers are just sitting in the planes waiting. That's gotta suck. 

Hopefully my flight is able to land (currently ON-TIME) and we can take off as soon as possible. In case I do end up becoming "Interweb Impaired", I'd like to wish you all a Happy advance ūüėČ

Rain Drops Turn Streets Into Wet Weather Carnage

I wasn't out in Richmond today so I can't comment on how much worse the carnage was out there in Fake License Land. I don't know if you guys heard, but over 200 licenses were faked between 2001 and 2008 by a driving school out in Richmond. This school passed mainly Chinese Women (through bribes to an ICBC Road Tester) who could not possibly pass the road test, but had the bucks to spend $6000 on a piece of plastic. These are only the ones that they know about. This would explain a lot about why my people are embarrassments to me out there on the road. I literally fear for my life when I go out there in any weather.

Closer to home, it started raining lightly this morning as I was on my way out to drop Scooter off at the clinic for his 1000 KM check up. Scooter was a little nervous today but I assure you that he'll be fine after the scooter doctors are done giving him his physical. I should be able to pick him up in a day or so. While there, he'll also be getting a variator weight transplant to give him some more zip and have his restriction removed so that he'll get some more top end speed so that stupid drivers don't keep trying to pass us on the right on a single lane road.

After dropping off Scooter, I headed out to Delta to meet up with Tejpal Singh of 1234Pens for a real Dot Com Tandori at one of the finest East Indian Restaurants in the lower mainland. Stay tuned for the post later today. Although my trip out was pretty uneventful, the trip back proved quite a bit more hazardous...

Somewhere in New Westminster...

Right at the corner of 10th and McBride, on my way back from Delta, I saw two cars turned around in the wrong direction...

I can't really tell what happened, but at least four cars were involved. Funny enough, all of the cars were white. Even more funny was that none of my people were involved in this incident. I was only able to snap a shot of the Dodge Pickup and the Honda Civic. Perhaps they consumed products laced with Melamine and lost concentration?

Somewhere in Coquitlam...

Once I got out of that little mess, I ended up seeing another accident in the middle of North Road near the Korean Mall. Although it wasn't actually my people, some would say close enough. There were four cars stuck in the middle of the intersection with a little damage on each one. This area is notorious for indecisive drivers that can't make up their mind which direction they are going. Also possible that Melamine was at fault as there is a large Korean SuperMarket in that plaza.

Further up North Road near the end that turns into St. Johns, I spotted this...

It looks like the driver of the Blue Dodge Pickup (another Dodge Pickup?) tried to change lanes into the SUV that is now pinned underneath a tree. However, it is possible that the SUV (looks like a Toyota 4-Runner) was trying to pass on the right when the Dodge clipped it and sent it into the ditch and then up the embankent into the tree. The lady in the cab of the Dodge Pickup was still in the car and crying. It didn't look like there was any way the driver of the 4-Runner could get out. Scary stuff for sure.

With the change in the weather, make sure you pretend everyone is a moron and drive accordingly. Use your turn singles, cruise in the right, pass on the left (and make sure you get back in the right after you're done instead of milling around idiots) and quit using that brake pedal like the kick drum in RockBand, screwing everyone behind you up. Stupid people, do us all a favour and stay home or take the bus. Stay safe everyone.

When I Die, Please Bring Me Back as a Tiddy Bear!

Seriously, one of the coolest things to be brought back as...

...but it would suck if you were stuck between old and wrinkly ones for the rest of your days...

At first, I thought it was a joke, but apparently, it ain't no joke. If someone has actually ordered one of these, please let me know. It's one one of those, it's so funny, it can't be real things that I have to have an answer to.