Bloggers Step Up on Favourite Me for a Charity

Last month, I started a contest to get 100 people to favourite me on Technorati so that I could give away $100 to a good cause as part of my Dot Com Mogul Checklist. We came up short unfortunately, so we’re going to extend this till April 10th to see if we can still make it.

So between now and April 10th, anyone that favourites me and leaves a comment in the original contest post will be favourited back by me. You will also be entered into a draw to win the cool Microsoft Comfort Mouse 3000, sponsored by Futurelooks, as a thank you. In order to get enough people exposed to this contest, I’ve also called on bloggers to promote the contest in exchange for a free backlink like the ones I’m about to mention.

The following bloggers saw an opportunity to go ABOVE and BEYOND in their quest to become Dot Com Moguls.

  • Derek Semmler – AKA MyNewChoice has really gotten into the spirit of giving.  Derek has decided to match me dollar for dollar up to $100.  That means that if you favourite me, you will now be responsible for a $2 donation!  Thanks Derek for stepping up and please show him some love by favouriting him too. BRAVO Derek!
  • Shawn Knight – Shawn was the first one to double dip. He was one of the first twenty four, and he has also linked the contest at his own blog to gain a second backlink. In addition, Shawn has decided to throw down another $50 of his OWN DOLLARS if we hit 100 Favourites so favourite me NOW then go favourite him next!

With both Shawn and Derek stepping up, that means that each dollar that I give will become 2.5 times bigger, which means that everytime you favourite me, you’ll be giving $2.50 to charity.  This also means that if we hit our goal, we will have $250 to give away.

Other Bloggers stepping up with a link in support of this cause include…

  • TechZi – David Wilkinson of TechZi made a whole post just to pimp our bid to help out a charitable cause. What a cool guy.
  • The REAL Ed Lau  pokes fun at my stupid Hyundai rental and includes the contest details as part of his latest session of speedlinks.

If I missed you, please send me the link, or post a comment in this post so that I’m aware of it. I’ll include you in the next batch.

Thanks everyone for your contribution and for seeing a great opportunity to show your Dot Com Mogul potential!  The Favourites count has just hit 30 which means that we now have $30, an increase of $6 since I posted the extension and since you guys helped out with a mention.  Can we make it to 100 by getting 70 more people to Favourite Me for a Good Cause?