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Instagram of the Day - New Run Bike for Ty

This is actually his THIRD run bike. What happened to the other two? He snapped the head tube off the other ones hitting jumps. Sigh...

Video - Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa Room Tour

This past week Ford Canada asked me to join them on a drive of the new Ford Fusion. Along for the ride was Michael Kwan who joined me in experiencing the vehicle for MEGATechNews. We'll have a video of our very brief impressions of the vehicle in a "Vlog Style" very soon.

We drove the Ford Fusion up to Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada where Ford Canada put us up at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa. Here's a look at the hotel room I was staying in. I'm sure Michael will have his tour video up soon as well.

Source: StephenFungDotNet YouTube Channel