A Gift Of Games To Those Who Need It The Most

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While at COMPUTEX 2007 in Taipei, I came back with a substantial booty haul of goodies.  Among them were a number of games that I picked up during the FiringSquad Invitational.  I thought very hard about how I would deal with the free stuff and of course a giveaway was at the top of the list.  Now, I could follow in the footsteps of the the Root of All Evil and do your average, everyday, drive a few visitors to my site, contest that everyone else does, but I felt that there were other opporunities available.  Mind you, there's nothing wrong with a regular giveaway.  Free stuff is still good 😉

On their way to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

If you recall, earlier this year I helped donate a Gaming System to the BC Children's Hospital from the Tiger Direct Charity PC Race at CES 2007.  The foundation was very surprised and excited to receive such a gift and it gave me a sense of overwhelming joy to make it happen.  You really can't buy a feeling like that.  With such a cool gaming system, you obviously need some cool games.  That's why I've decided to giveaway the non-violent games, which include FIFA 07, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, and NBA Live 2007 to the BC Children's Hospital where they can be installed on that gaming system.  Hopefully they can bring some joy to our young heroes as they battle their illnesses. I hope that's OK with you guys 🙂

But Wait!  That's Not All!

 NBA Live 2007 is up for grabs!

I'd like to continue with my commitment as a Dot Com Mogul Candidate by giving you guys a chance to win my extra copy of NBA Live 2007 and trigger up to a $100 US Donation to a Charity of the Winner's Choice so you too can experience what it feels like to give.  All you have to do to enter this contest is just leave a comment.  I will accept pingbacks as double entries so I encourage you to blog about it to increase your chances of winning.  The goal is to get to ONE HUNDRED ENTRIES so that I can match that with the $100 US Donation.

So what do you folks think?  Good contest?  Think the kids will be happy with the games?  Enter today and make a difference!  Let's see if we can get there by Monday, July 16th without having to extend the deadline this time.  Good Luck Everyone!

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  • Hey Stepen!

    I mentioned your contest in this post:


    Pingback should come soon.

    Enter me in (twice!)


    • Thanks Ryan. Pingback didn't show, but I've counted you twice 😉

      2 More Days left guys! We're about halfway there.

  • Hi Stephen Fung.

    Count me in!

  • At last i am in i hope so .

    This is great Idea .Pal Nice work .

  • Sounds great, I'm in!

  • Add my 2 entries please, I have blogged about it here http://getyourbloggoodies.blogspot.com/2007/07/nba-live-2007-game-and-donation-to.html

    very good idea everyone wins 🙂

    • Thanks for the mention. Let's kick this one into high gear before the weekend 😉

  • I do indeed admire the Social aspect to it and that is one more reason for me to participate in this contest.

  • Good luck Stephen.. count me in!

  • great contest

    I'm in 😀

  • Great idea Stephen...consider me entered!

  • Count me in! What a great contest idea! Good job in giving back to the community! I'm sure the kids at the hospital will enjoy the system and the games!

  • Count me in plz.

  • Nice idea about giving to charity. If I will I'll give the game to charity too as I don't play computer games. I'm sure some kid in hospital would enjoy playing it.

  • Hey Stephen
    count me too. soon i am going to write a post of various ongoing contest.

  • Well, you are almost half way there! Good luck and count me in.

  • What a fantastic competition, I do hope that you get enough entries to make the donation to charity.


  • Chris

    here's to hoping 100

  • Kat

    I hope you hit 100!

  • Nicole

    Count me in, please.

  • What a great idea!

  • Nice idea. I am in.

  • Looks like my comment and my Pingback didn't get through... hmm...

    Anywho, count me into the contest, and here's the post on it:


    This is great that you're doing this!

    • Thanks Matt. Had to approve it, but got your ping. Appreciate the pimpage and your commitment to "Making a Difference Online" 🙂

      PS: I am definitely giving $1 USD (not CDN) for every entry up to 100 entries in case there was any confusion. Goodluck all! 😀

  • Count me in as well

  • heres to charity!

    and hopefully winning a game 😀 lol

  • Anastasia

    This is great 🙂 Count me in 🙂

  • Leo

    I don't know, since this is the fake Stephen Fung, is this a real contest?

  • Count me in! Thanks!

  • I'm in on this too...way to get others to match the donation as well. So these are games that they will install on the computer you donated earlier...nice work. Make sure they sign up for AGLOCO at the same time. Muhahahha!!! 😉

  • 1/4 of the way there. We need another 74 comments folks!

  • Please throw my name into the mix, Stephen !!

  • I'm in! I want some games too.

  • adding my name into the hat!

  • Hey, great idea, toss my name into the hat 🙂

  • David

    Count me in 🙂
    I'm no Basketball fan so if I win the game can go to charity as well.

    • Sounds great. Don't forget to ping me back with a post about the contest for an extra entry. Goodluck!

  • Stephen save me a seat for transformers.

    Three great games. They will be very happy.

    • Oops... I already went to see it. I'm still processing the whole movie in my head. It definitely played hommage to the original series in its own way and left itself wide open for a sequel.

      Thanks for your entry! Good luck!

  • Awesome giveaway! I already have a charity in mind! Thanks!

    • Don't forget, if you ping me back, that counts as an extra entry 😉

  • Aww! Stephen! That's wonderful!

    I'm with Gary, and will match too.

    • That's Awesome! Thanks Erin!

      With Gary and Erin stepping up, that's $300 potentially for the Winner to Wield to a Charity of their choice. Let's get more people to enter!

  • Leo

    Nice Stephen! Let's help build another generation of children who are glued to the computer. I'm so in! 😉

    • It's one big evil plan. First you get them addicted to computers and then you lure them to your website to generate more revenue 😀

      • Yes. It's a big evil plan to glue them to the computers so that when Transformers II comes out, I can walk into the theatre and pick any seat I want 😆 😉

  • Stephen,

    I'll match you dollar for dollar. Anyone else up to Match him?

    • That's awesome Gary! Thanks for stepping up 😀

  • Good going, man. It's always great to give back to the community, and those kids surely need some pick-me-ups while at the hospital.

  • Stephen, I think this is a great idea and I am sure the kids will absolutely love the new games!

  • Please sign me up. I really hope you reach your goal!